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Small House 2 Floor Plan – A Few Things to Consider

Two Floor Plan For a small house, a 30×40 ft front elevation design for the first floor and a total floor area of about 9000 sq. ft. is ideal. This is more spacious than many smaller single story homes. The larger floor plan also gives ample room to build stairs and other structural features such as a large master bathroom.

The smaller home does not have to be small. Plenty of space can be created by planning the room appropriately. The extra space will allow for more features and room that would otherwise not be feasible. For instance, a second bathroom could be created with the additional space.

The front of the house must always be open. A two-story home can be very impractical. One solution is a “L-shaped” approach. A large oval shape is set on one side of the front of the home. This oval design creates the illusion of a larger front yard while opening up the front of the house to the street.

The design flow from the interior should follow the flow from the exterior. For this reason, most interior design professionals recommend that a plan with the front facade facing the street is used. The idea behind this design is that curb appeal is important. In order to gain curb appeal, the floor plan must always be considered. If a two-story plan is too narrow, the facades will be boxed in and will never achieve the intended design. A wider facade which is box sided on one side will create the intended effect.

On the interior, the floor plan must be planned around the kitchen. There should be plenty of space to move around in the kitchen and prepare food. The design should include plenty of open floor space for the family to circulate. A full sitting area for dining is also recommended.

When considering the front elevation of the living room, the ceiling should be the highest point in the home. Since most houses are built on a sloping site, the interior of the room will need to be planned around this feature. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the ceiling is at least three times higher than the highest wall in the room. The space in front of the door should be three times the height of the door itself. This will allow for a comfortable entering and exiting motion from the inside of the house.

The floor plan for the interior of the bedroom can vary depending on the size of the home. In some cases, the master bedroom may be separate from the guest room or family room. In other cases, the interior of the master bedroom may be combined with the guest bedroom or other family areas.

Regardless of the situation, it’s important that every person leaving the house feels welcome and comfortable.

When planning the floor plan for the living room, the dimensions of the front porch and the front elevation design of the house need to be taken into consideration. For example, a large front porch will likely be needed in order to have access to the front of the house from the street. If the porch is on the other side of the house, the amount of front elevation design needed will be different. The same principle applies for the interior of the bedroom.

The kitchen of the house is typically located toward the rear of the home and will generally not have a door on the front. Instead, it will have an interior door and be designed like the entryway to a private deck. This type of design may be appropriate if you live in a community where many homeowners want to reserve cooking time during their free time. However, if you are looking for an easy to access and utilize the area for your kitchen then a two floor plan is recommended.

One thing to consider when creating your floor plan for the interior is the space that is available. How much open floor space do you have? Do you need a large kitchen that can accommodate a large family? Can you place a desk in the kitchen to help you cook meals? The answer will help determine the ideal size of your kitchen.

Your exterior also needs to be considered. Does the exterior of the house provide good views? Do you want to allow light into your home? If you have a large amount of trees or shrubs around the property, you may need to adjust your front and back yard front and back elevation to keep these trees from blocking the view or cutting off the sun at the end of your two floor plan.

30×40 ft front elevation design for small house two floor plan

house plan details


Plot size =>  30*40 ft  1200 sq ft 

Direction => east


Ground floor


1 bedroom =>11’6*10’6 ft

1 attach toilet => 4’6*6’0 ft

1 Kitchen =>10’4*8’0 ft

1 utility  => 5’0*7’4 ft

1 living area  =>12’6*18’0 ft

1 Kitchen =>9’0*7’0 ft

1 sit out => 10’7*4’0 ft

car parking  =>12’8*14’7 ft

Staircase => inside


first floor


2 bedroom =>15’0*11’6 ft, 16’0*11’6 ft

2 attach toilet => 9’0*5’5 ft , 6’0*4’4 ft

2 dressing =>9’0*5’5 ft, 5’3*4’4 ft

1 living area  =>18’0*11’10 ft

1 balcony =>10’6*4’6 ft 


30×40 ft front elevation design for small house two floor plan

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