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52×60 ft house design double story home plan and elevation

Have you ever dreamed of having a house that is built on the highest peak of a mountain and designed as a two-story dwelling? Then, you are one among the many people who have the opportunity to experience this unique dream. This unique type of dwelling is called as 5260 feet high and has a twin building on its top floor that is also a three-story dwelling. The architect of this unique concept is ready house design  Architects.

Ready house design  Architects design would surely give you a breathtaking view of the natural landscape as well as the mountains that surround it. You can say that this house design and elevation are like a magnificent work of art. In fact, many architects around the world have been inspired by this unique concept and have even considered it as the basis for their designing.

Ready house design  Architects has succeeded in providing such high-end designs because they have followed the natural flow of the landscape. In the architectural designs, the connection between the house and the surrounding mountains is very clear. Hence, you can always visualize the house design and elevation straightaway. In addition, the materials used are all weatherproof and can withstand any climatic condition with confidence.

Most of the ready house design  Architects have considered the factor of privacy when it comes to designing a house. Therefore, you will find that most of them build houses in areas that have lesser human presence. This reduces the chance of disturbance and unwanted noises from outside. Hence, when the architects of the firm have conceptualized a house design and elevation that are concealed from the external view, you can be rest assured that your privacy is preserved.

Ready house design  Architects has also considered the elements of light when it comes to the design and layout of their projects. Hence, each part of the project has been given a special attention. You will always find, that every single element has been carefully planned to enhance the beauty of the place. This is the main reason why the clients can relax and feel at ease during their stay at the house. They do not have to spend much time wondering about the arrangements for the lights and other accessories as they will find everything arranged neatly. In fact, you will also find that there is less clutter inside the house as everything that you require will be close by.

You may wonder about the house height of the building. The secret lies in the fact that the designer never compromised on the quality of the materials or furniture that is used inside the house. He only required high quality construction materials and furniture that can withstand the extreme temperature. Hence, you can be rest assured that the interior design and the exterior look of the house will not suffer due to extreme weather conditions.

As you can see, a  House can accommodate many different types of customers. However, before you order for the house design and elevation, you need to provide them with accurate measurements. If you are looking to hire a contractor, you need to ensure that he uses the latest measuring techniques and software. This will ensure that your new home will remain within the specified specifications. House is one of the most famous designers today. Hence, you need not worry about the house design and interior furnishing of the building. You can use their expert services to get some great designs for your house. In fact, you can even hire their interior designers to enhance the look of your living space.

52×60 ft house design double story home plan and elevation


house plan details


Land area 52*60 ft 3120 sq ft

North facing


ground floor


 1 Master bedroom 14*16 ft

and attach toilet 6.0*10.0 ft

Living hall 26*24 ft

Kitchen 10*10 ft and dining hall 10*10 ft      

Staircase position inside

Parking space 12*18 ft

Garden 10*16 ft 

On 1 floor


1 Master bedroom 14*16 ft 

and attach toilet 6.0*10.0 ft

2 common bedrooms 14*14 ft, 12*12 ft,

and one common toilet 10*5.0 ft

Living hall 12*18 ft

Staircase position inside


52×60 ft house design double story home plan and elevation

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