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A Simple House Design

The entire idea behind the 27×27 ft design of simple house is based on the theory of the parabola. Parabola is a known mathematical object. It was conceived by Leonardo da Vinci. The parabola is formed when one side is the concave side and the other the angular side of a circle. In order to create such an object, simply add another side to the concave side and the result will be a parabolic surface.

This type of plan is very easy to understand and build. The idea of the house is made up of three parts: the home site, the upper story and the two levels of the lower story. Each part is given a number that represents its position in the design. By adding more parabola to the existing plan, the house can be designed to fit in the most convenient way on the given site. This plan was developed by Tom Nickel, who also did the design of the twin towers at the same time.

The simplicity of the design can easily be understood. Only the outer limits of the plot are concerned with. The outer limits refer to the limits of the original house and not to any changes that might be made in the design. This is the advantage of simple house plans. Any changes in the ground structure are not going to disturb the entire scheme. The only thing that is going to be affected is the location of the home on the land.

There are two main considerations for choosing this type of plan. The first is convenience. A simple house plan has lesser floors than more complicated ones. This makes the construction easier and quicker. For houses that have simple floors, the builders can use plywood for the floor and expandable boards for the walls.

The second factor is cost. Simple plans cost less than they require fewer materials. Also, the cost of the plan depends upon whether it has been built from scratch or modified from an existing house. The cost of building the simple house from scratch is much more expensive than building a similar house from an existing structure.

The house on floor one has the most floors compared to the rest of the house. It also has the fewest rooms. Therefore, the total floor area is less compared to other parts of the house. The design of the house on the first floor has more attic space than the other floors.

The additional attic space is needed to store seasonal items that are not used all year round. This also provides ample storage space for masonry materials and tools that are not in use during the year. This plan also provides plenty of space for wheelbarrows, garden tractors, pool hangers, and shelves. The design on top of the house makes room for a convenient pantry or garage to hold gardening tools, hoses, pool chemicals, firewood, and so on.

This type of house is best suited for those who do not have enough budget to build a traditional home. It also offers more flexibility in terms of designs. The entire construction can be done at a fraction of the cost of a traditional home.

Simple designs require less expensive materials. It is also possible to make the house cheaper by doing away with some features. However, this kind of house can be raised on non-permanent foundations. The floor plan of the house can be rearranged without affecting the structural integrity of the building.

The house is available in various floor plans. They include: flat roof, gable-roof, penthouse, and bungalow plans. The bungalow plan is the simplest of the simple houses. Its design consists of an attic, penthouse, and two or three levels. The flat roof design of this kind of simple house is suitable for small areas.

It is possible to build this house on a budget. However, to save on construction costs, one should plan the house well and choose a contractor who has a good reputation. The architect or the contractor who specializes in the design of these types of houses can be contacted to obtain cost information before starting construction. This information can also be obtained from the Internet.

27×27 ft design of simple house multy story plan elevation


house plan details 


Land area 27*27 ft 729 sq ft

east facing


ground floor


One workshop 27.6*21.2 ft

Staircase outside

Parking space 16.6*7.0 ft


On 1 floor


2 Master bedroom 10.0*11.0 ft, 10.0*11.0

and attach toilet 3.8*7.0 ft, 3.8*7.0 ft

2 Living hall 7.8*10.4 ft

2 kitchens 6.0*7.0 ft

Staircase position outside

Balcony 16.2*10.6 ft

 1 floor, 2 floors, and 3 floors are the same flat

27×27 ft design of simple house multy story plan elevation

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