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house front design indian style simple



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About This Design

house front design indian style simple

house front design indian style simple 35×45 ft total sqft in one floor 1,575

When it comes to home front color design in India, the single-story houses are taking center stage. Gone are the days of plain and monotonous facades. Today, homeowners are embracing modern and vibrant color schemes to make a striking statement.

The latest trends showcase a fusion of traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics. The front of the house becomes a canvas for creativity, with bold hues and intricate patterns adorning the exteriors.

From vibrant blues that evoke a sense of serenity to fiery reds that exude energy, the color choices are as diverse as the country itself. Embracing the modern and latest color trends, homeowners are transforming their single-story homes into captivating visual spectacles that reflect their unique style and personality.


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