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35×50 ft Indian House Front Elevation Design Photo Double Story Plan

This 35×50 ft Indian house front elevation plan is designed for the first time homebuyer. You have to be realistic about the space that you really have and not waste your money buying something that will never fit into your living space. This is a two story home on a land that is vast. The plan shows two stories open onto a partially enclosed back yard. Living on the second floor of this immense home would be like living in a tent.

There are many things that can go wrong with a 3550 ft Indian house front elevation plan. The most important thing is that you are going to pay dearly for any design error. Remember that this is the costliest house plan that you are going to find. You can save money, but only to a certain extent. Also remember that you are going to have to work hard, if at all, to make the construction look good.

Your first priority is going to be to build a huge slab of concrete and pour the pilings for the house first. This is what is known as garage construction and you will have to use heavy equipment for this job. When you are through with the garage construction, you can start looking for the material for the first floor plan. Remember that wood is not very durable and will get rusted very quickly.

In order to give your wooden floor plan a more solid look, you can add steel joists to the house. Steel makes a great looking under floor for your new home and you will find that you need less wood for this floor plan. You should keep in mind that the steel joists will be expensive to install and will make a big impact on the final price of the floor plan.

Once you have the floor plan ready, you are ready to lay the concrete slab. The best way to do this is to use a robotic system. Make sure that when you order your concrete slabs that you specify the size and make a plan so that the system can be programmed to lay the concrete correctly. Having the right dimensions is absolutely crucial to having your first floor installed properly.

Now that you have the concrete flooring down, you are ready to install the first floor plan. Make sure that you measure the exact footprint of your house from the ground up. You will need to cut out a section of the floor in order to allow for plumbing and electrical work. If at all possible, line the floor to exactly fit. You will also want to install the first level plan at exactly the same level as well, and make sure that the corners of the first floor match the corners of the first and second floors perfectly.

After installing the first floor plan, you will want to install the rest of the house. You will want to line the sides of the house with plywood. This will give the plan added support as it is being assembled. The last thing you will want to do is place carpet on top of the plywood as this will mar the look of the entire house front elevation plan.

It is best to get the plan map for several months before construction begins. If your building codes don’t allow you to use the plan map, or you would like to modify any part of the plan, you should discuss these options with your contractor prior to beginning construction. You may find it advantageous to have a family member or friend help you construct your house front elevation. Perhaps they have previous experience in constructing home plans and can help you figure out your limitations. Your contractor can give you invaluable advice in this area, and any other aspects of building your dream home

35×50 ft indian house front elevation design photo double story plan


house plan details


Plot size =>  35*50 ft  1750 sq ft

Direction =>  east facing


Ground floor


1 bedroom =>12’5*12’5 ft ,

1 common toilet => 4’0*7’0 ft

1 Dressing => 4.5*5’0 ft

1 Kitchen =>12’0*8’0 ft

1 dinning => 12’2*12’0 ft

1 Drawing  =>13’2*16’2 ft

1 pooja room =>3’8*6’0 ft

1 Store => 4’9*8’0 ft

car parking  =>10’0*12’9 ft

Staircase => inside


Open  area => 19’0*10’0 ft


First Floor


2 Bedroom=> 16’9*12’5 ft, 12’0*13’0 ft

2 toilet=>7’0*8 ft, 8’0*4’5 ft

1 Drawing Room=>13’5*16’5 ft

1 Dressing=>4’10*7’0 ft

2 Balcony=> 13’5*3’8 ft, 4’10*3’5 ft

Terrace=>10’0*12’5 ft


35×50 ft indian house front elevation design photo double story plan

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