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60×52 Ft House Model Simple Triple Story Plan Elevation House Design With Elevations

My friend Barb and I have built a house using 6052 ft plans and we are very happy with the results. We have used a Simple Total Plan Elevation System by architect Paul Deutsch and it really turned out amazing. We chose this plan because it was simple, easy to follow and easy to understand. For the structure of our home we used the following materials:

We used a modern house plans house front design for our home and the home plans house front elevation plans are basically meant for modern homes. The materials used in this house plan include: steel detailing, hand painted siding, vinyl siding, PVC siding, vinyl windows and doors, and PVC flashings. All these materials can be purchased at your local home improvement center.

The building process was fairly simple. We started by positioning our plywood siding on the cement block foundation. Then we used a level to make sure that the surface was even and level. We used two-inch screws and drilled holes in all the walls and ceiling. Next, we used our Simple Total Plan Elevation System by architect Paul Deutsch to calculate the location and then we just built the house front elevation designs accordingly.

After we finished building our simple house, we then used our Easy Home Design Plus by architecturally designed architecturally plan software to calculate the site plan. For the site plan we simply followed the guidelines provided by the home plans. The elevation of the site was set to 0ft to the north, east and west and then we placed all the features including the roof, crawl space and basement accordingly. Using the elevation data from the software, we then calculated the house elevation for the entire site.

The final step in building our Simple Triple Story Plan Elevation House was to build our Simple Triple Story Plan Elevation House front and back. By using the Simple Triple Story Plan, we were able to position the house at a nice respectful distance from the road. We then placed the first floor foundation walls and the second floor base walls together. Finally we placed our concrete slab on the ground floor. All our home plans and blueprints are available on our website. You can also have a free consultation by contacting us.

In this modern day society it is very important to use superior, modern plans and house front elevation designs to build your dream home. However many people are not comfortable with modern house building plans and elevations. This can prevent you from being able to build a quality home. When selecting the right home plan, you need to look at all your options. Using the Simple Triple Story Plan Elevation House Design Double Floor Plans with your home design ideas can help to build your home.


Most of our clients are very impressed when they see the house plans and elevations that are available. We have a large number of great house floor plans and designs. Many people feel very lucky when selecting our Easy Set Home Plans with detailed elevations. Most people feel like their new home is going to be very comfortable and beautiful. In most cases people feel very happy with the way that they have built their house using our Easy Set Floor Plans and Easy Set House Elevations.

You should make sure that you do not get stuck with an incorrect home plan and building project. Make sure that you take your time when selecting a suitable plan and building project. The last thing that you want to do is to make a huge mistake. If you are unsure what kind of home you want then you need to start viewing your possible houses on the Easy Set House Plans and Easy Set House Elevations. Make sure that you take your time and find the exact house plan and building project that you will enjoy living in the most.


60×25 ft house model front view two floor plan elevation


house plan details 


Land area 60*25 ft 1500 sq ft

west facing


Ground floor


 3 normal bedroom 10*12 ft, 10*12 ft, 11*12 ft

and attach toilet 5.0*6.0 ft, 6.0*3.0 ft

3 Kitchens 6.0*9.0 ft, 10*9.0 ft, 7.6*6.0 ft

Drawing room 10*10 ft, 10*10 ft, 14*9.0 ft 

Staircase position outside

Parking space 10*12 ft


On 1 floor


4 normal bedrooms 13*12 ft, 11*12 ft, 11*12 ft, 14*9.0 ft

and common toilet 5.0*8.0 ft, 6.0*3.0 ft

Drawing room 10*12 ft

Living hall 22*9.0 ft

Kitchen 9.0*9.0 ft

Staircase position outside


60×25 ft house model front view two floor plan elevation

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