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Single Floor House Elevation Photo Gallery

A top choice of home builders for custom house plans and building elevations is 23×75 ft Single Floor House Elevation Plan. ReadyHooked, a leader in the industry of custom house plans and building engineering services, offer a variety of house plan styles and sizes to satisfy your needs. One of the best features of this house plan is that it has a panoramic view of the Tampa Bay area. The panoramic views are great for outdoor settings such as backyards, patios and pools. The photos provide an exceptional level of detail and accuracy that will impress anyone looking at the finished product. ReadyHooked even offers several ready-to-assemble (RTA) varieties that save you time and money.

The 23×75 ft Single Floor House Elevation Photo Plan is designed to be simple and easy to use so there is no need to hire a professional architect or builder. All the measurements are included so you will have precise dimensions for the walls, roof, stairs and landscaping. The detailed house front elevation design photo gallery gives you several different style options so you can pick one that fits your personal taste and style. ReadyHooked offers many ready to assemble (RTA) varieties of this house front elevation plan that saves you time and money.

ReadyHooked elevations are available in single and multiple story versions. The single story plan is the economical way to build a home because there is less material used. The single story plan allows you more square footage with a larger home than the multi-story plan. With a simple home front elevation design photo gallery, homeowners can choose from several different elevation ideas. You can create a beautiful outdoor space without the steep steps.

In a single floor home design, the architectural detail can be the same or vary slightly. The stairway is straight with no steps to climb up to the second floor. For a more dramatic effect, there are two flights of stairs in the single flight plan. One flight will go straight to the backyard. The second flight will be an open stairway leading to the front of the house.

The various building elevations offered by ReadyHooked elevations are just one part of the wonderful selection of design ideas for the Indian ranch house. The beautiful Indian architectural designs are a joy to admire in person as well as to replicate in your own homes. There is an amazing variety of Indian structures for your ranch home from the palace like structures to simple mud houses. ReadyHooked Indian architectural elevations offer an outstanding selection of building elevations for your ranch house.

Many of the ready to build house elevations have their own unique selling features. You can enjoy the house from every angle at any time of the day, right from your bedroom window. Ready to build houses offer a wide selection of ready to build home elevations to fit your individual needs. They are constructed with a perfect oval shape for easy and quick assembly on site. Most of the ready to assemble units are supported on a concrete slab.

Your ready to assemble plans and home elevation images are carefully designed by skilled experts. They have the latest technology in hand to give you the best results. The images are created using state of the art digital photography processes. The digital images are imported into Photoshop from our secure website.

Ready to assemble units do not require any type of permits. You will also save money because the material handling cost is less. These ready to assemble single floor home design images are available for purchase from the online, single floor home designs gallery at discounted prices. You can take your pick from the different themes like Victorian, Gable, Country, Mediterranean, Country Kitchen and many more.

23×75 ft single floor house elevation photo plan


House plan details


Plot size => 23*75 ft 1725 sq ft

Direction => West


Ground floor


2 master bedroom 11.0*15.0 ft, 9.0*15.0 ft

 and attach toilet 7.0*5.0 ft, 6.0*5.0 ft

living hall 17.0*15.0 ft

1 common toilet 8.0*4.0 ft

1 drawing room 10.0*11.0 ft

kitchen 8.0*13.0 ft

pooja room 4.0*2.5 ft

garden 12.0*11.0 ft

parking 20.0*10.0 ft


23×75 ft single floor house elevation photo plan

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