Home front Elevation 2000 sq ft 20×66 ft house design indian style two floor elevation

20×66 ft house design indian style two floor elevation

20×66 ft house design indian style two floor elevation

The Amazing Benefits Of Indian Style House Plans

Popular for its unique, geometrical shapes, Indian style house design is one of the most popular floor plans in the world today. These home plans have a unique roofline with the exception of a single long edge that runs along the entire length of the building. Most of these houses are in a single file and the first floor has two wings which are separated by walkways. Each wing has an open roof, while the second floor is normally a separate level that has an attic. A loft is an area below the main level where storage is usually present. The floors can be finished in any style or material to match the exterior of the home.

Two story house plans are known for their extravagant roofs that are in the shape of the American pyramid. The Indian style of building allows for the extra room that is needed as well. The first floor of an American pyramid home is usually raised above the second level. The second level is typically left as is for an easier building structure.

The Indian style house design allows for extra space and the room can be set up around the center of the home to create a larger living space. The planks used in the construction are usually hand carved. Each of these house design plans are a one of a kind due to their uniqueness. They each are unique from the others and only set contain a certain amount of materials.

Double story house plans have the two levels of floors being constructed separately. The lower level contains the living quarters, dining room and kitchen. The upper level is where the bedrooms are located and where all the formal activities take place. All rooms of the house are decorated according to the Indian style.

The Indian style house design makes use of a lot of natural materials that are used in construction. The walls are made of wood and are painted with different colors. The floors are made of stone and they are finished with beautiful carpets as well. The plumbing and electricity are properly installed as well.

The most amazing thing about Indian style house plans is that the use of natural materials is used. The use of natural materials such as wood, stones, ceramic tiles, marbles and metals is used in construction. There are two floors in every home. The floors are built separately and are set very high above the second floor.

The best part about Indian house design is that there is enough space in each of the rooms. For instance, the master bedroom has a walk-in closet, a large sitting room and a small kitchen. There are also additional bathrooms in the house. These are the unique features of Indian house plans.

A house plan designed this way is very simple and easy to understand. It gives you a feeling of living in a peaceful environment as well as making your life easier. The price of such a design depends upon the material and the construction of the home. Therefore, it is important that you contact a reputed building company to build your dream home.

There are various other interesting Indian style house plans as well which you can use for constructing your home. Such homes include ones which have a two story and a penthouse. You can build a simple single story house in this case as well. In case of a two-floor home, you can build the first floor as well as the second floor separately.

This means that the top floor of the house can be used as a dining room and the second floor as a bedroom. Such a house plan will enable you to save a lot of money. You can have a separate entrance for each room in the home. It is because of this reason that such house plans are known as single story homes. You do not have to build the staircase for each level separately.

There are several other advantages of Indian house plans such as they give you more freedom to design the house. You can use all the rooms for different purposes. For instance, you can use the master bedroom for watching television or for reading books. Thus such Indian house plans have made it very easy for people to design houses in contemporary ways.

20×66 ft house design indian style two floor elevation


House plan  details


Plot size =>  20’0*66’0 ft  1320 sq ft

Direction => North


Ground floor


3 master bedroom =>13’0*14’0 ft, 14’0*14’0 ft, 14’0*11’0 ft

3 attach toilet =>5’0*9’0 ft, 5’0*7’0 ft, 5’0*7’0 ft

1 Dining =>14’0*11’0 ft

1 Hall => 17’0*13’0 ft

1 Kitchen => 11’0*6’0 ft

1 drawing room  => 13.0*12.0 ft

1 parking => 15’0 *20’0 ft

1 pooja => 5’0*5’0 ft

1 store room => 6’0*8’0 ft

staircase position => inside


First floor


2 Master Bedroom => 11’0*14’0 ft ,14’0*13’0 ft

Attach toilet => 5’0*8’0 ft 6’0*7’0 ft

1 Hall => 14’0*11’0 ft

1 Kitchen => 11’0 *8’0 ft

Balcony => 13’0*7’0 ft

staircase position => inside


20×66 ft house design indian style two floor elevation

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