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Popular Single Level Elevation House Designs

The most attractive of all single-story house designs is the Bauhaus, which is an architectural style of architecture originally developed in the 1900s. This design style mixes elements of the modern with classic elements from the past. It focuses on creating a space that mirrors the beauty of the outside, while giving the inside a feeling of lightness and space. This plan offers many floor plans that vary in size and style.

The first floor of any house should be its focal point. Many Bauhaus floor plans try to achieve this by emphasizing the stair area or the main room in the home. The design may be a simple one, or there may be more details involved. These will depend on the style of the home, and the overall theme of the design.

The second floor is usually made up of a large open plan room, or a hall, and can feature a single level entrance as well as an upper living area. This design often has a huge dining area that opens out to the back yard. The third floor is typically a master bedroom, and there may be another level of bedrooms above the master suite.

Many of these Bauhaus floor plans feature a generous entry way, but they also provide plenty of storage. There are typically large windows for enjoying the beauty of the outside environment, and there are often side rooms that allow you to have a private conversation area. Each level of the home has an attached garage for extra storage space. This allows you to separate certain items to ensure that they are not damaged during travel, and it is easy to clean your vehicle in the garage if needed.

Another characteristic of this style of house designs is the focus on the outdoors. The home is surrounded by trees, and the landscape of the property can be seen from the inside of the home. You will often find that this design has a great patio area that features covered areas, which allow you to enjoy the outside air without having to battle the view. The patio area is often open plan, allowing you to gather around and enjoy the weather while you are indoors. Many of these outdoor living spaces include fireplaces and grills for even more enjoyment.

Another popular feature of the Single C-level house designs is the use of multiple levels. These homes often have the master suite on the first floor, and a lower level of living area that is accessible from the master suite. Each of these levels can be reached via a staircase. Many of these homes also feature a staircase that will lead all the way up to the front door of the home.


Many of the homeowners who choose this home design style enjoy the fact that they can maintain privacy without sacrificing the appearance of their home. The single level design also gives you ample room to organize your belongings. Most of these homes offer an optional second floor that can be used as a media room. You will often find that this design is very affordable, because of the many floor plans that are available on the market. Many of these homes are custom designed so that all the specifications are met before the construction begins.

Single level home designs are very popular these days. They allow for plenty of room to move around in and enjoy the wonderful weather of the outdoors. The price of such a house design is often very affordable, because many of these homes are built with materials that are very durable. A person can find such a house plan in any size of home. Even if you choose a larger size home, you can still enjoy many of the conveniences of such a house. They can make beautiful additions to any type of home.

20×43 ft house designs plan single floor elevation


house plan details


Land area 20*43 ft 860 sq ft

North facing


ground floor


1 master bedroom 10*13 ft

and attach toilet 7.0*50 ft

1 common bedroom 10.0*14.0 ft

1 Kitchen 8.9*10.0 ft

Dining and living 8.5*15.9 ft

Staircase position inside


20×43 ft house designs plan single floor elevation

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