The 21×56 House Plan is the one of the most popular floor plans in the United Kingdom. This house plan was created by award winning architect Richard Rogers and the award that were given to this home plan was “Building of the Year” in the “Judith Pearsall Memorial Chair” category. This plan was designed for a large town in the United Kingdom and it was based on a lot of land that was available. One of the main features of this floor plan was that there would be a pool on the backside of the house. The house would face North and would have a garden on the front side. Here are some of the amazing features of this amazing home plan:

The 21×56 House Plan has many amazing features that you will enjoy having in your own home. This is a unique house plan that was inspired by a lot of things. The major feature that you will enjoy is the large amount of space that is available in this home. This plan actually contains almost thirty-two thousand square feet of space and it is located on almost five acres of land.

The other wonderful thing about this plan is that it was designed with a lot of flexibility. You can choose to have a smaller kitchen or even a bathroom that will fit on the second floor of the residence. If you decide to build a home that is on the second floor, then you will still be able to have an amazing view. This large size is made possible by the vastu plan. The vastu plan has been built on a large grassy area and it has made the entire project very efficient.

The other interesting aspect of this incredible home plan is the great kitchen that it offers. The two-story kitchen will allow you to prepare a wide variety of meals. The large breakfast nook that is featured on this home will provide you with plenty of seating and the entire area will be very open. This kitchen will also work well if you decide to create a dining room space in the rear of this property. The vastu plan is one of the best houses that feature 30×40 duplex floor plans that are facing south.

The beautiful backyard that you will enjoy is what makes this house plan amazing. The large swimming pool and the deck that are featured on this plan will allow you to entertain friends and family on a regular basis. This plan actually includes a guest cottage that is three stories and it will also have a huge sunroom that looks extremely luxurious. The bedrooms on this property are excellent and each one is equipped with a ceiling fan and a king size bed.

If you want to enjoy the views that the backyard offers, then you should consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your house. The kitchens that are found on these wonderful homes are incredibly spacious and they can hold up to two restaurants. The last home plans feature a second sink that is located on the second floor. This area will work perfectly for a bar area or a cooking area. A gourmet kitchen is one of the most popular features on this type of house plan.

The second section of this wonderful duplex plans features a large foyer. It will allow you to bring visitors up to the front door without having to open them through the garage. This area also features a grand entry way that is flanked by marble pillars. The large entryway will also allow you to bring in guests and host them in the formal dining room on the second level. You will also enjoy a great media room that can hold a cable service.

This beautiful home has all of the features that you need in order to enjoy all of the features that the North facing large duplex plans 2 2006 has to offer. You will be able to find a house plan that fits your budget as well as your taste. The many beautiful features that are found on these homes are breathtaking. The best part about living in this beautiful area is that there are so many things that you can do here that you won’t ever get bored!

21×56 house plan north facing




Plot size – 21.56 ft 1200 sq ft

Direction – north facing


Ground floor


1 master bedroom and attach toilet

2 common bedrooms

1 common toilet

1 living and dining hall




21×56 house plan north facing

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