The 22×45 house plan is one of the best home designs in the Buffalo area. It sits on the bluff overlooking Lake Erie and has a view that is spectacular. This is the perfect home for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and appreciate an eye for detail. You will love how your Buffalo, NY house plans overlook the great lake that provides so much wildlife and natural beauty.

The 22×45 house plan sits on a lot that was built many years ago. The land has not been modernized and is still surrounded by a high brick wall that separates it from the wooded site. If you look out your window from inside this magnificent view, you will see that the bluff rises up to the water with Lake Erie in the background. If you look at the house plans from the outside, you will see that the entire front of the house is on the water. This is perfect for those who love to go boating. There are also amenities that are on the water such as a boat dock and boat lifts.

These two unique home designs are perfect for anyone who loves nature. You will enjoy the panoramic views that are offered by these Buffalo, NY house plans east facing Lake Erie. If you want a more modern design, then you may want to check out the other two different house plans from Buffalo, NY. These two house plans from Buffalo, NY are listed below.

The first unique plan that you will find is the Heritage Lakeside House Plan. This plan offers you two unique house plans. The Heritage Lakeside House Map will allow you to choose the two floor plan that fits your needs. The plan is designed with two lakes on each corner that are connected through fountains and waterfalls. This gives you the ability to enjoy the two areas that you love the most.

The second house plan home design from Buffalo, NY is called the East Facing Lake View Home. This unique design allows you to choose the three floor plan that fits your needs. This plan includes the master bedroom, one full bathroom, one full garage, and a one car guest house. This plan will provide you with everything that you need to live a full and happy life.

The Heritage Lakeside House Plan east facing Lake Erie offers a unique design that does not require you to build over the water. The plan provides you with a scenic view of the entire city of Buffalo. One of the best features about this house plans east facing Lake Erie is that you will be able to hear the rushing and drowning sounds of the native buffalo. You will enjoy the fresh air and landscape that you have been admiring for years.

The third and final house plan from Buffalo, NY house plans that you are interested in is known as the Buffalo Ridge Farms House plans. This is a unique design that allows you to stay on the farm, enjoy all the amenities that are available, and still be able to have access to the city of Buffalo. You can choose to live on the second floor or the first floor of this house plans, depending on how large

of a home you want to live in. The floor plan includes a full basement, a large kitchen, a large family area with a fireplace, and three bedrooms.

These three unique house plans are among the best that Buffalo, New York has to offer. Each of these designs offer the convenience of the outside patio, the outdoors, the lakeside, and the beautiful Buffalo River. The best part about each of these house plans is that they will all allow you to build on a strong foundation that is secure. The unique Buffalo, NY house plans that you are looking at will work with your budget, as well as allow you to be able to enjoy a great home design for a long time to come. Buffalo, New York is waiting to welcome you!

22×45 house plan east facing




Plot size – 22.45 ft 990 sq ft

Direction – east facing


Ground floor


1 master bedroom and attach toilet

1 common bedroom

1 common toilet

1 living

1 kitchen and dining hall


Staircase inside


22×45 house plan east facing

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