A House Plan That Can Add a Beach Theme to Any Home

21×45 House plan West faces The 21×45 house plan is the ideal beach front living option for anyone who enjoys the beach and wants to have a house on the beach. Unlike many beach front homes, this house plan has two large terraces with views of the ocean. It has a large back yard and has the best vies of the Pacific Ocean.


The architect who designed this house plan made sure that the house has an ocean view. There are also other views of the water such as the crystal clear waters off the cliff that provide a backdrop for the house plan. The house has modern flooring and features a formal living room with a fireplace.

The house has two levels that lead to an upstairs balcony. This patio overlooks the beautiful beach and overlooks Mt. Soledad. This area is decorated with patio furniture and there is a deck attached to the home that allows you to entertain your friends and family on the patio during the summer months. In addition to the outdoor patio, this house plan also has an indoor patio.

This house plan is nestled in the hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The architect used natural materials to create the design. This house plan was designed to have a fireplace in each room, but did not include a wet bar. This is because the house sits on the steep slope that is surrounded by water.

The waterfront view is spectacular. The views are clear and allow you to enjoy being on the beach. It is a peaceful place to be because it does not matter how much activity is going on outside. The house plan is a unique combination of architectural styles. It incorporates the best of California living while at the same time incorporating the unique beach house design.

This house plan was designed with the most modern criteria in mind. It does not take into account the natural elements of the area. There are other beach houses that fit into the design such as the Rockwell house plan. These types of house plans incorporate the views, the ocean and other modern amenities that were popular in homes that sit on the ocean. However, these plans take some of the best qualities from both these types of designs.

This house plan mixes open space with the beach. Most houses that sit on the ocean look like a small island with a water view. The house plan eliminates the need for this illusion. Instead it provides large windows that bring natural ocean views into the house. The floor plan also helps to maximize natural views.

The landscaping is another important aspect of this house plan. The architect did not let his personality show because he wanted this house plan to be as beautiful as nature. The architect incorporated several different types of plants into the landscape. The use of large trees and plants helps to make the outdoor feel more like the indoors. The ocean views and large windows are the attractions of this beautiful home.

The use of small brick structures along the shoreline makes the house plan even more appealing. Because of the brick, it can help to define the boundaries between the beach and the house. Since the beach is always available, this is an ideal place to enjoy a private dinner during the summer. It’s easy to just go to the beach when you want to get away from the chaotic life of the city and relax.

This house offers an inside that looks out onto the ocean. Because of the house’s location, it allows for this design to work perfectly. The large windows provide natural light and allow you to enjoy the outside of your home without trying to fight the shade. This design also includes a balcony that looks out over the ocean. This allows you to enjoy the scenery of the beach while still inside the home.

This house design uses the best materials and architectural skills possible to create a beautiful home. It is designed around the ocean and includes beautiful beach furniture that will compliment the house plan perfectly. This design will make you want to spend time outside watching the waves while enjoying a nice dinner.

This house plan is the perfect beachfront house for anyone who enjoys living on the beach or wants to live near the beach. Its close proximity to the beach and ocean allows it to easily incorporate the outdoors into its design. With a beautiful house plan, you can easily transform an average looking backyard into a stunning outdoor living space. You can enjoy the beachfront or back yard no matter what season it is because this design will make it easy to do.

21×45 house plan west facing




Plot size – 21.45 ft 945 sq ft

Direction – west facing


Ground floor


2 common bedrooms

1 common toilet

1 living hall

1 kitchen


1 store room

Staircase inside


21×45 house plan west facing

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