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20×40 Ft Front Elevation Designs For Small Houses

Are you planning to build your first house and looking for some interesting and unique front elevation designs for small houses? Well, you have come to the right place. Here you will find some very nice ideas that can help you give an attractive look to your house. All these ideas can be found in readymade house plans that are available on internet.

There is no doubt that house is the most important factor of your home. It is one of the most important parts of your home where you spend your whole day. So, it becomes very important to design such house in such a way that it gives a comfortable feel to your home owner. Front elevation plays a vital role in such a design. So, it is always recommended to use these professional and beautiful designs to get an elegant and comfortable house.

You will find many different kinds of designs available on the internet. Some of the designs are very appealing and nice, while others are not so good looking. So, you must know that which design would be more useful for you. So, take a look at the following elevations available for homes on the market:

First of all, you must remember that building a house is different from building an apartment. So, there are some different rules involved in house building. So, you should know about these rules before you select any floor plan. The popular and standard elevations available for houses are the rectangular, L-shaped and U-shaped elevations. As what I mentioned above, all these elevations have their own specific purposes. So, select the right one for your house.

If you have a large house, you can select the L-shaped or triangular elevations. As what I have mentioned above, this type of design is suitable for a large house. These are also called the triangular or pyramid shaped plans. In fact, if you want to have a small house, you can select the L-shaped design. You will get the same room with the same height inside your house, but only half of the floor space.

As what I have mentioned above, you must select the U-shaped or double plan if you have a small house. This design plan is suitable for your house if you want to have more than one level inside your house. In fact, it is more suitable for single dwelling houses. As what most people said, a double story house has more advantages than a single story house.

If you want to have an amazing house, you need to make sure that your chosen home plan has a total floor area that exceeds 2400 sq ft. In addition, you must make sure that the total area of the main body of your house and the extended area of the connected attached units is greater than or equal to the overall floor area of your home. This is very important in building a house with perfect design and perfect construction. You can check the total floor area of your home plan by using an intelligent floor plan checker tool on the internet.

Indeed, there are various factors that you need to consider when you are building your home. But this does not mean that you need to spend lots of money just to make your home design perfect. Just by choosing the right home plan and materials for your home, you can ensure that your house is really worth investing your money for. You can visit our website for more interesting home plans and other house designs.

 20×40 ft front elevation designs for small houses double story home plan



Plot size – 20.40 ft 800 sq ft

Direction – south facing

Ground floor

Master bedroom 10.0*11.0 ft

and attach toilet 4.0*6.0 ft

Common toilet 5.0*4.0 ft

Drawing room 8.0*10.0 ft

Kitchen 8.0*10.0 ft

Living hall 8.0*10.0 ft

Staircase position inside

Parking 10.0*10.0 ft

First floor

Master bedroom 10.0*10.0 ft

and attach toilet 4.0*6.0 ft

Common bedroom 10.0*10.0 ft

Common toilet 5.0*5.0 ft

Kitchen 10.0*8.0 ft

Living hall 10.0*10.0 ft

Staircase position inside


20×40 ft front elevation designs for small houses double story home plan

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