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A 20×35ft Small House Elevation Three Floor Plan

20×35ft is a new small house design by  which offers an elegant and spacious design for a three-story house. The house elevation is at an unprecedented sixty-two degrees, providing the buyer with abundant open space on the ground floor that can be used as a patio, courtyard, or other outdoor area. The third floor is a full deck with an extended two hundred and fifty-four foot patio. Located on the rear of the home is an eight hundred and sixty-five square foot sunroom that is equipped with a wood burning fireplace.

The unique combination of a ground floor with first and second floors make this home plan an exceptional option for anyone looking to build a smaller sized home in the metropolitan area at a low price. The low home prices make it a very appealing option to home buyers who would otherwise not be able to afford a home of this size. Even if a home buyer was to pay the normal asking price for a home, it would be several thousand dollars less than the total costs for the land and building that make up the typical three floor plan. The combination of a beautiful home on a small lot and an additional six hundred square feet on the second level brings the total price of the house to only three thousand dollars.

The most striking feature of the house is its incredible architectural positioning. The entire rear of the house is three stories and the home is on what appears to be a steep hillside with the house elevation on the lower levels of the building. With all of this open space, the entire landscape of the property has been completely landscaped to maximize the beautiful views from all angles of the home.

The home has an extremely high roof that sits upon an eight story covered parking facility. This provides the home owner the ability to access all levels of the house without climbing up ladders or unloading a truck to do so. The loft area is open and allows home builders to add additional rooms as needed. The loft is also highly useful for anyone that has animals or needs a large and well organized outdoor storage area.

The architect of this unique home made floor plan was able to utilize several different levels and unique aspects of the landscape. One of the most interesting aspects of the landscape is the small pond that sits just off of the back of the home in the front yard. In addition to the pond is a bird bath, which also rests in the pond. This unique and attractive aspect of the home allows the homeowners to truly enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. The beautiful backyard that sits just off of the kitchen is ideal for entertaining.

This is one of the more recent home designs from the current wave of “green” construction. Green design is becoming more popular due to the fact that our resources are quickly depleting and we need to find methods of creating products that are sustainable in nature. Many companies are beginning to use recycled products and materials in their products. By utilizing green materials, this unique home design is even more environmentally friendly.

This house is designed with the double height of the duplex style dwelling. The home sits at the higher elevation of the duplex, which allows for two levels on the exterior of the house. This feature is ideal for any homeowner that has a smaller yard or would like the ability to grow their plants to take full use of the exposed areas. When it comes to home plans with an elevated view, nothing can compare to the views offered by the loft space of the duplex design. The house sits at the very top of the landscaped garden which allows for amazing views.

This beautiful design is just one of the many unique features provided by the architects at 21st century Design. Each project begins with a qualified and experienced team of professionals who work together to bring you nothing less than the best. With their unique designs, they have become one of the most sought after names in the small house design industry. They offer a variety of home plans for every type of consumer. So, if you are in need of a new small house design and want to know more about this exciting product, contact 21st century Design today.

20×35 ft small house elevation three floor plan


house plan details 


Land area 20*35 ft 700 sq ft

South facing


ground floor


 1 Master bedroom 11*11 ft, 11*12 ft

and attach toilet 7*5 ft, 7*5 ft

One common toilet 4.0*7.4 ft

Living hall 12.6*17.0 ft

One study room 10*6 ft 

Staircase position outside


On 1 floor


1 Master bedroom 11.0*12.0 ft and attach toilet 5*7 ft 

Living hall 17*10 ft

Kitchen and dining hall 24*11 ft

Staircase position outside

Balcony 3.5*6.0 ft


 2 floors


1 Master bedroom 11.0*12.0 ft and attach toilet 6.0*9.0 ft

Staircase position outside

Open terrace


20×35 ft small house elevation three floor plan

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