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Two Floor Plan – A Perfect Combination of Modern and Traditional Elements

If you are looking for a house plan to build, check out the new ReadyHouses 20×40 ft house design image from ReadyHouses. The design has been created by and is the most accurate and up-to-date design available for building homes. The images offer two floor plans, with lots of space and many add ons such as bathrooms and garages. You can find out more about the two floor plan by viewing the website at the link below.

This unique plan for building a house includes both an attic and a basement. An attic is located on the top floor of the house and contains a loft area that is off the main floor of the house. The loft area can be used for storage or for a home office if desired. The basement is used for extra living space such as a bedroom, game room or even a guest room.

This unique house plan offers excellent total floor elevation, which is at least three hundred ten feet and eight feet above the ground level. This total floor elevation also includes the top floor of the house, which is at a total height of nearly seven hundred feet. The elevations of the other levels of the house are less than one hundred feet. Check out the elevations at our website. To get a more in depth view of the property with the elevations, see the photos on the website. You can also look up the sales tax rate at this site.

The Ready Homes 20×40 ft house design also includes additional large windows that face east and west. These large windows add to the beauty of the house. The house also has two-story ceilings and a high roof line. The large flat roof has two coats of siding. Other features of this unique home include a detached garage and a patio.

When you make a purchase of this unique home plan, you will receive a comprehensive Floor Plan and elevations of the entire property. This is a very comprehensive plan that includes all details such as lot locations, block numbers and elevations. With a detailed floor plan, you will have easy viewing of the house from any angle which makes it easier to plan your move. Many realtors offer this service as well as an interactive virtual tour. It makes the entire process easier.

The elevations in the floor plan are easy to read and understand. They also show additional information such as detailed descriptions, square footage, lot information, block numbers, parking options and more. You will also find a list of amenities at each floor level. The detailed description of the facilities at each location helps you determine if this house would be convenient for your needs. Amenities vary between houses.


Some of the amenities include tennis courts, swimming pools, multiple other special amenities and more. This unique home is set on approximately eight acres of luxurious land. The home includes two levels of living spaces including a master level and a second level. Both the master and second levels have separate entrance. Each level has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a wet bar, a BBQ zone with built in grill, wood burning fireplace and deck, a huge sunroom and beautiful decks. Due to the size and uniqueness of this home, many buyers love this dream home.

The two-floor design of the home is an innovative approach to the way people like to live. This unique house design has a perfect combination of modern and traditional elements. The home has extra features like a detached garage, a patio and a heated swimming pool which help to make the place even more comfortable and convenient to live in. Buyers should take time to examine this amazing home design image so that they get a clear idea about what they are getting into before purchasing the property. Buyers can check out various home plans online so as to get a better picture about the house design.

20×40 ft house design image two floor plan elevation


house plan details


Land area 20*40 ft 800 sq ft

west facing

ground floor


Total of 2 bedrooms

One master bedroom 11*10 ft and attach toilet 4*6 ft

One common bedroom 9*9.8 ft

One kitchen 9.2*4.0 ft

Living hall and dining hall 12.2*12.6 ft

Staircase position inside 

Parking space 15*9 ft


1 floor


1 master bedroom 11*14 ft and attach toilet 4*6 ft

Living hall 12.2*12.6 ft

One common room 9*9.8 ft

Staircase position outside

Balcony 8.8*5.0 ft


20×40 ft house design image two floor plan elevation

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