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The Easiest Of Simple House Design

The 35×52ft Simple House Design is another superb example of contemporary home designs. With a two floor plan and two hundred square feet of living area, this residence on wheels can accommodate up to four people comfortably. Located on an eight-acre waterfront lot, the cottage is equipped with a fully-equipped kitchen, a patio, a large balcony, and even an indoor/outdoor fire place. Amenities include a washer/dryer, a washer/loader, a garbage disposal, a microwave oven, a garbage disposal, and even a centralized air conditioning unit. Three bathrooms are also included along with a shower, two fireplaces, a master bath, a dressing table, a mini fridge, a side table, and a tea table.

All exterior lighting is provided by a twenty-four hour emergency spot lights, so you can be sure that your cottage will be safe at all times. All exterior walls are double walled, and concrete slabs have been used as a foundation for the house’s floors. The two-car garage is also a built-in feature. Other than these well-appointed details, the cottage is otherwise ready to move in, and you can pick it up in the spring.

This two-floor design is another contemporary house design that is made to be simple and attractive. With its two-story roof, the cottage has the feel of a larger, more spacious home. The two-story roof also helps to keep the interior cooler in the summer months. A roof deck and sunroom are available to enjoy year-round.

On the lower level of the cottage, you will find an open living room area featuring a fireplace and a covered terrace. The patio offers a wonderful outdoor space for entertaining. On this same level, the bedroom features a queen-sized bed, and the drawing room can accommodate a king-sized bed if you prefer. You will definitely appreciate the open floor plan and the extra square footage, plus the extra storage space.

The cottage features a master suite, which also contains a guest bedroom. The master suite includes a dressing table, a chest of drawers, and a mirror. The master bedroom features a large bed, a dressing table, and a nightstand. Bedroom No. 2 has a chair and love seat, and an end table.

Amenities include an exterior balcony, patio door, exterior walkway, patio lights, driveway, and a covered parking area. All of these amenities help to create a comfortable, safe, and secure living experience. The patio door opens onto a covered parking area, and there is a covered pedestrian walkway. Both the main level and the second level of the cottage are built on levels one through three, with a cemented splash block in the center.

The floor plan of this cottage is clearly divided into three zones. The master bedroom is situated on the first level and has two bedrooms (plus a guest room). The second level consists of a family room with a couch, loveseat, and bookshelf. The third level is simply an enlarged kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, and sink. The simple house design means that the second and third floors are separated by a sliding glass door. The sliding glass door connects the living room to the dining room.

This cottage is very affordable. For those who are seeking a unique residence that has modern design elements but that does not cost an arm and a leg, The Pier is perfect. This exquisite residence is set on a five-acre waterfront property. The beautifully designed floor plans, state of the art appliances, and unique architecture ensure that you will be completely satisfied with your new home. With such incredible views, and a price that most will find hard to resist, you simply cannot go wrong when you consider this as the ideal starting point for your dream home.

35×52 ft simple house design two floor plan elevation


house plan details


Land area 35.0*52.0 ft 1820 sq ft

east facing


ground floor


Total 2 bedrooms 1 master bedroom 1 common bedroom

1 master Bedroom 13.1*10.3 ft

with attach toilet 7.11*4.7 ft

 1 common bedroom 11.2*12.2 ft

1 common toilet 7.11*5.0 ft

1 Kitchen 11.1*8.0 ft

and dining 16.1*15.9 ft

1 pooja room 7.9*4.0 ft

Staircase position outside

Parking space 11.8*17.5 ft

1 store room 7.11*4.5 ft


1 floor


3 normal bedrooms 11.2*12.2 ft, 10.2*11.0 ft, 11.1*12.2 ft

and common 2 lath bath 7.10*4.6 ft, 7.9*4.0 ft

 2 Kitchen 7.9*8.4 ft, 7.10*6.4 ft

and 2 dining hall 11.8*9.7 ft,

and 13.1*10.3 ft

Balcony 3.5*5.0 ft

Staircase position outside


35×52 ft simple house design two floor plan elevation

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