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Exquisite Features of the 21×45 Ft Front Elevation Double Story Plan

Two 21×45 ft single story lofts at State Street in East Village have just been listed for sale with the City of Philadelphia. These luxury homes are truly spectacular and the proximity to downtown really showcases the incredible benefits of living in the heart of the city. The two-story lofts will feature retail on the ground floor along with the all of the accompanying amenities of a full-time residence including large terraces, multiple bedrooms, wet bars, fireplaces, open stairways, hardwood floors throughout, hardwood interior flooring that includes hardwood mantels, wood beams and more. A fully equipped private kitchen with stove, refrigerator and additional kitchen cabinets will be available upon request.

On the lower level of the lofts you will find two residential levels which have been designed especially for ease of access. Each unit will also have its own entrance directly onto the first floor. The units will feature two further residential levels for additional comfortable living. One unit will also have its own entrance on its top level, which will bring visitors up to the second floor.

The first floor plan of the lofts at State Street will feature one bedroom, two bathrooms and a combined family room, kitchen and living room. The two-story design will offer an excellent view of downtown and will allow you easy access to the best shopping, dining and other local attractions. The units will include a vaulted ceiling for added elegance. The home’s landscaping is impressive and includes a stone fireplace and over sized terraces. The home’s two fireplaces are positioned on opposite sides of the entry. A spiral driveway leads up to the main level from this location.

The luxury home plans at East Village are located next door to the delightfully designed Jewel City condos which have just recently opened. The lofts at the area are well designed with their luxurious amenities and endless floor space. Each unit will offer expansive views of the downtown skyline. The home plans are two stories with living areas that include a media room, two bedrooms, a full service kitchen with granite counter tops and a state of the art spa with outdoor fireplaces and pools. The rooftop pool area offers an amazing view of the downtown skyline.

The luxurious amenities found in these luxury condos provide the ultimate in convenience. The floor plan has levels that can be reached by staircases or elevators and there are separate family levels. The master bedroom is on the top floor and there is an extra large living area which also has a terrace area. The entire home is fully furnished and equipped with high speed Internet, WIFI, Ceiling Fans, dishwashers and numerous other high-tech features.

The second floor plan of the two-story plan has two bedrooms with walk-out windows in the living area. It also has a master bathroom with a whirlpool and an attached sauna with an advanced thermostatic heating system. Both of the master bedrooms have sitting areas and come complete with a desk, chair, and a fire burning on the second floor. Up to three fireplaces are located in the home on the first floor along with a terrace which overlooks downtown Denver.

The loft is another spectacular feature that can be found in the luxurious loft floor plans. The loft is a self contained unit which comes complete with a desk, chair, table, and chest of drawers. The loft can be used as a private residence, or it can be rented out to individuals and families. The top of the loft has two stories with the second floor being a landing at the top of the loft. Each of the lofts come complete with an advanced electrical system.

Each unit is carefully planned and constructed by professional carpenters who adhere to strict local building guidelines. These exquisite custom homes are carefully planned and built to meet any design specifications provided by the customer. The 2145 ft front and top elevation lofts are two unique features that make up this exquisite Denver home. You will find that you will be living in a home that is just out of reach from anywhere else.

21×45 ft front elevation double story plan


house plan details 


Land area 21*45 ft 945 sq ft

west facing


ground floor


2 Bedroom 9.9*13.9 ft, 10.0*9.7 ft

1 common lath bath 8.0*8.0 ft

 1 drawing room 10.1*13.6 ft

1 Kitchen 5.3*9.4 ft

Dining and living hall 10.3*11.1 ft

1 small pooja room

Staircase position outside

Parking space 9*18.3 ft


Ground floor and 1 floor is the same flat


21×45 ft front elevation double story plan

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