Home Double Story Home Elevations 30×50 ft house front elevation design for double floor plan

30×50 ft house front elevation design for double floor plan

30×50 ft house front elevation design for double floor plan

A House Front Elevation Design For Duplex Type 

Double story house plans with the use of the famous home builder Custom House Plans by Fazio are really a good option for you. It can definitely help you have a house front elevation that is much higher than what you have in mind. This can also give you a lot of space that you can use for extra amenities like a pool or even a play area for your kids. With the help of this house plan, you would be able to have a lot of space at a much affordable price. The best thing about this plan is that you do not need to sacrifice the quality and the beauty of your dwelling just to get it done.

One of the reasons why people get houses that have a ground floor plan but lower levels is because they assume that they will only use one floor to their home. But if you have a beautiful view from your house and the first floor has windows that you could open during warmer months, then it doesn’t really matter what the ground floor looks like. A lot can still be done with the use of custom house plans. In this article, you will be able to learn more about the 3050 ft house front elevation design for double floor plan for duplex style dwelling.

If you look at the diagram on the Custom House Plans website, you will notice that there is a lot of space between the first and the second floor of the duplex style house. This is one of the advantages of this plan. You won’t have to sacrifice the quality and the beauty just to get the house front elevation that you want. The plan that you choose though will still ensure that you get a beautiful design that is perfect for your home.

A house front elevation design for double floor plan for duplex type dwelling is one that gives you the best view and the most open floor plan. It allows for an easy transfer from the ground floor to the upper level. In fact, you might even have the option of having an extra room added onto your home if you wish. The amount of space that you have in this area will depend on the plan that you choose.

With the many options available in this type of design, you have the option of getting a beautiful view from every angle. Not only that, but you also have the convenience of transferring from one floor to another without any major problems at all. A lot of people prefer this type of plan to the traditional single story home designs. You will have the flexibility to use the space that you have wisely without worrying about the time. You will also be able to make the most out of the materials that you are using so that you are able to get the home that you really want.

The 30×50 ft house front elevation design for duplex type dwelling that you have in mind will not be difficult to come by. There are quite a few manufacturers that make houses that have these features available. The cost will depend on the materials that you choose and the manufacturer that you

choose as well. There are a number of features that you will want to consider when getting something up in this area.

Some of the features that you will want to consider including an upper level with a downstairs living area that opens directly onto the dining and kitchen area. The lower level will open directly onto the deck or patio area. Both of these areas are wonderful for entertaining. Some people even like to cook outside when they are entertaining. The duplex type home that you have will give you the ability to have the upper level room to entertain comfortably while still being able to see your guests. You will also be able to get the best view possible.

It should be fairly easy to come up with a good design for a duplex type house front elevation design. The best thing to do though is to go online and take a look at some designs. It is always a good idea to have several designers looking over your design before you start construction. The last thing that you need is to run into problems while construction is going on. If you take care of these types of issues now, it will help you tremendously when the time comes to build.

30×50 ft house front elevation design for double floor plan


House plan details


Plot size => 30*50 ft 1500 sq ft

Direction => North


Ground floor

1 Master bedroom => 11’3*15’0 ft

  1 common bedroom => 16’0*10’6 ft

                                             1 Kitchen => 11’0*10’0 ft                                           1 Attach Toilet => 5’6*8’0 ft                                        1 Attach Dressing => 5’6*7’0 ft                                        1 Common Toilet => 8’9*5’0 ft                                                 Hall =>28’6*13’0 ft                                              Parking =>11’9*15’6 ft  
First floor

2 Master Bedroom => 11’3*15’0 ft, 11’0*15’6 ft

1 Bedroom => 9’9*13’0 ft

2 Attach Toilet => 7’0*8’0 ft, 5’6*8’0 ft

2 Attach Dressing => 5’6*7’0 ft, 7’0*7’0 ft

Kitchen => 11’0*10’0 ft

Utility => 11’0*4’0 ft

Hall => 17’3*13’0 ft

Balcony => 9’9*3’9 ft


30×50 ft house front elevation design for double floor plan

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