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Relax In The Modern House Design Picture Gallery

Looking for a luxurious, innovative and modern house design picture gallery with the best quality and pictures of the most recent designs? Look no further than a top home construction company in the Los Angeles area. They have over 2260 high-end homes to choose from. From luxurious estates to seaside towns, from large city apartments to small ranch houses, from an open farm to a serene mountain vista, our modern house design gallery will take you through a journey of breathtaking beauty.

This home is located in the hills above Hawthorne city in the Angeles region. The architect has created a fabulous landscape with two large terraces and three levels of living spaces. Each level includes a spectacular view of the citrus grove. The architect focused on creating a very open floor plan that flows gracefully throughout the home. He wanted the home to be light and airy and perfect for entertaining. Because of this the modern home builder ensured the home has lots of windows so you can enjoy natural light during any season.

Our modern house design gallery will show you the spectacular views from each level of the home. First, from the ground floor you will come to an upper living room, where you’ll enjoy magnificent views of the mountains and the city lights. Atop of this room is the library, perfect for hosting parties and hosting interesting conversations with your friends and family. If you are looking for an elegant meeting room or media room, we have that, as well. Just one of the many wonderful features of this home.

Second, from the top of the home, you’ll be able to see the gorgeous garden. Enjoy the sun setting over the treetops and watching the waves crash onto the shoreline. Relax in the cool breeze and enjoy a glass of lemonade under the trees as you listen to the birds chirp. You will love watching these creatures come out of their houses to take care of their daily business. Our modern house design gallery will show you the beautiful pool area, with a fireplace pit in the background.

Third, from the top of the home, you can take a breathtaking ride across the landscape on a horse-drawn carriage. Enjoy sunsets at sunset as you ride along. This area has a lovely gazebo with pavilion overlooking the landscape of the surrounding mountains. Just imagine the comfortable feeling as you sit outside and enjoy the cool breeze blowing off the hills and the scenery beyond.

Fourth, if you need some privacy, the rear rooms offer that, too. Surrounded by walls of windows and enjoying the great outdoors, you can shut your eyes and still see the beauty of the mountains and the surrounding nature. In the courtyard there is a stone bridge leading to the patio and the kitchen all set just off the winding road to the back of the home. Here you can enjoy your garden as you relax and let the kids play.

Fifth, walk into your home at night and you will see a very different scene. This amazing glass walled living room offers the most breathtaking views of the valley below you. It is lit up with wonderful soft lights and you can appreciate the beautiful city lights reflecting on the glass. This home has radiant flooring throughout, both in the kitchen and throughout the rest of the home. The hardwood floors make any home feel like a palace.

This is only one of the amazing view options available with the amazing 2260 ft modern house design picture gallery. If you love nature and want to take a step back in time, or simply appreciate the architecture of our country’s history, or want a home you can relax and call your own, then these homes are the perfect place for you. If you don’t care about the architecture or the views, you can still find a home you love that has all the amenities you need. You can even choose an area in the center of the city, where you will be surrounded by shops and great food.

22×60 ft modern house design picture gallery double story plan


House plan  details


Plot size =>  22’0*60’0  ft 1320  sq ft

Direction =>  North

Ground floor

1 bedroom  => 13’0*11’0 ft

1 attach toilet =>4’0*8’6 ft

1 Bath =>4’0* 6’6 ft

1 W.c =>5’9*4’0 ft

Pooja =>4’0*4’0 ft

Dining Hall =>  10’6*12’0 ft

Drawing Room => 11’0*16’0 ft

1 kitchen => 8’0*9’0 ft

Store => 5’10 *5’0 ft

Parking => 11’0*14’6 ft

First floor

2 bedroom =>  10’3*11’0 ft , 10’3*11’0 ft

1 Bath => 6’9*4’4 ft

1 W.C => 5’9*4’0 ft

1 Kitchen =>9’3*6’6 ft

1 Dining Hall => 12’0*11’10 ft


22×60 ft modern house design picture gallery double story plan

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