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Using a 30×40 Ft House Design Image to Create a Single Floor Plan For Your New Addition

A Single Floor Plan is the best Single Floor Plan Design Image for the home or condo of your dreams. What you see in the ground really does not exist. The only thing that “lives” in the ground is the building itself and your personal ideas about how it should be decorated. There are many things that need to be taken into account before you start tearing down a house. It is not as simple as just throwing up a cinder block wall and hoping that you have a building that looks good.

One of the first things you should do is get a floor plan. A floor plan will show you what you are getting into before you go any further with the building. Your floor plan will also tell you how big the building is going to be. All important information that needs to be considered.

Another tip is to get an expert opinion. How do you know the size of the building that you want to build? What do others think about the building? This can help greatly when trying to decide if the construction will be on budget, or if you can even get financing to build the building. A good single floor plan gives you all the details and then lets you make the decisions. If you have any questions or concerns, it is the best way to have them answered right away.

Do not rush into building anything until you are completely sure of what you want. The building permits should come in handy for the entire build. Make sure you do not overlook any minor issues, like if the building will be too tall for the lot. This is always a possibility with taller buildings, but it can be worked around. Just make sure the developers you contact are able to handle the unexpected. Otherwise you are looking at some hefty fines.

Take your time in choosing a plan, and getting your building permit. Construction starts once the application is approved, so if you start early you will not run into any problems. The planning commission usually has early notice of any permit applications, so you may wish to follow this tip too. It also gives you more time to get all of your permits ready in time for the start of construction.

Once you get your building permit, the next thing on your agenda will be to choose a site for the building. A good location is one that has easy access to major roads, schools, businesses, etc. You do not need the site to be anything other than clean and reasonable. Take the height and width of the site into consideration when choosing the right location. This will give you the freedom to choose which materials you need for your house, and the placement of the building itself.

The house plan should include the dimensions of the area of the building as well as the location of doors, windows, and other features. Make sure your plans show the exterior of the building clearly,and have any extra details noted in your plan. The interior floor plan should be flexible enough to allow for changes during the build, especially if more room is needed after the build is completed. You should also have a plan for the plumbing and electrical work that will be required for your new project. The best way to ensure a professional finish is to hire a professional contractor who can create a plan that will last for years to come. With a few modifications here and there your original plan can become quite unique, and it can be an added bonus if you can add or change anything to it at a later date.

If you are considering this type of home building project, you will want to find a good house design plan, and build your new home accordingly. A good floor plan will not only provide you with lots of space for living spaces and extra bedrooms, but it will also make your project easier on your builder and reduce the amount of time and money spent on labor. Remember, you don’t need to go with a traditional size for the exterior or interior of your new addition; you have the option of single, double, or triple story homes. With a good house design plan and the help of a quality builder, you can create something truly innovative.

30×40 ft house design image single floor plan elevation


House plan  details


Plot size =>30’0*40’0 ft  1200 sq ft

Direction =>  North


Ground floor


1 Master bedroom =>10’3*8’9 ft

1 Kitchen =>8’9*8’6 ft

1 Hall =>17’9*10’0 ft

1 Bedroom =>9’9*10’3 ft

1 Bath => 4’6*4’3  ft

1 Attach toilet =>3’9*6’0 ft

1 WC => 4’6*3’0 ft

 Pooja => 3’3*4’6 ft

Staircase => Out side

Parking => 14’0*10’0 ft


30×40 ft house design image single floor plan elevation

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