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A Small Simple House Design Plan 

The 29×37ft Small Simple House design is a new and innovative concept. The building is intended for home use and will be built on land that was previously used for the purpose of cattle ranching. This unique concept is designed for a small family with limited space so that each family member can have the home of their dreams and still have plenty of room to live comfortably in this urban jungle that we live in.

In the plans, you will see many unique features that make building this home unique. For example, there is a large central area called the deck that is located on the first floor level of the home. Here you will find the main entrance to the house, as well as the two main living areas, each of which features a spacious deck area that has room to cook out and enjoy a nice lunch, while enjoying the gorgeous panoramic view from your deck.

When the landscape is further viewed from the deck, you will see that the home is set on three levels with an additional bonus space that is built-in for storage. On the second floor is the master bedroom which also contains a guest bedroom. On the third level you will find the family / guest area that also serves as an office for the general manager. There is an upstairs lodge that contains a media room and a spa with sauna. All of these spaces are designed around a fire pit that is reminiscent of a log cabin built thousands of years ago.

On the 29×37ft Small Simple House design, the floors are made up of native hardwood that is painted in a white and grey color scheme. The interior wall panels are made out of a textured red cedar wood. The exterior walls are painted in a light neutral color that is slightly darker than the color of the siding on the home. The roof is made of six-inch plywood and sheet metal with green tinted glass as the tint for the interior. The roof is hipped to one side so that it can be opened for ventilation and to allow rainwater to drain off of the house during heavy storms. This ventless roof allows for increased energy efficiency since it does not retain condensation between roofing cells.

The kitchen on the 29×37ft Small Simple House design features stainless steel appliances. The island is a pull-out island that provides extra counter space and storage space in addition to the kitchen. The island serves as a breakfast nook with a foldable dining table on the lower portion that can be converted into a bar area in the evening if necessary. The kitchen also has an island vanity with counter top, cabinets, and a sink.

The fourth floor of the home features a sectional deck as the main living area. The deck area is six by eight feet and has an open kitchen and patio areas. The large sunroom space along with the four-seater patio table and chair sets make this sectional deck ideal for two individuals.

The final floor of the 29×37ft Small Simple House plan is the finished attic. This attic is about thirteen feet long by seven feet wide by three feet tall. It has two levels with the attic sitting on the second level with the first level being the finished basement of the home. The home also features a loft area that will hold a bedroom, guest room, and guest bath. The attic area also has a walk-through window which opens directly onto the beautiful gardens and landscapes beyond.

The entire home is built from the ground up using state-of-the-art technology. All exterior trim including the siding and roof is faux finished and looks so real, it can actually be reached. Each piece of furniture is made out of high quality materials including solid wood throughout. You’ll love the way this small simple house design plans unfolds as you take residence in this charming little home on the beac

29×37 ft small simple house design ground floor plan elevation


House plan  details


Plot size =>29’37’ft 1073 sq ft

Direction =>  North


Ground floor


1 Master bedroom =>11’6*10’3 ft

1 Kitchen =>11’3*11’0 ft

2 Bedroom =>11’3*11’6 ft , 11’3*11’0 ft

Hall => 15’0*11’0 ft

1 attach Bath => 4’0*6’6 ft

1 Bath =>4’0*6’6 ft

1 WC => 3’0*3’6 ft

Staircase => Out side

Sit out => 10’0*8’9 ft

Pooja => 5’0*5’0 ft


29×37 ft small simple house design ground floor plan elevation

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