Vastu for Staircase Inside Your House

Vastu for Staircase Inside Your House: A Comprehensive Guide

Staircases are more than just functional elements within a home; they can significantly influence the flow of energy according to Vastu Shastra. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you incorporate Vastu principles for staircases inside your house.

1. Vastu for Staircase Orientation:

The orientation of the staircase plays a crucial role in Vastu. It is recommended to have staircases in the west or south part of the house for positive energy flow.

2. Vastu for Staircase Recommends West or South Part of the House:

Placing the staircase in the west or south ensures that it doesn’t obstruct the natural flow of positive energy in the house, according to Vastu principles.

3. Avoid Spiral Design as Per Vastu for Staircase:

Vastu suggests avoiding spiral staircase designs as they may lead to a disruption in the harmonious energy flow within the home.

4. Vastu for Staircase Tip for Number of Steps:

Maintain a consistent and even number of steps in the staircase, as odd numbers are considered inauspicious in Vastu.

5. Vastu for Staircase Positioning:

Position the staircase in a way that it doesn’t directly face the main entrance. This helps in preventing the energy from flowing straight out of the house.

6. Light Colours are Good as Per Vastu for Staircase:

Choose light and soothing colors for the staircase, as per Vastu guidelines. Light colors promote a positive and vibrant atmosphere.

7. Stay away from Brahmasthan as Per Vastu for Staircase:

Avoid placing the staircase in the Brahmasthan (central part) of the house, as this is considered the core area that should be kept free for energy circulation.

8. Vastu for Staircase Outside the House:

If there’s an external staircase leading to an upper floor, ensure it is positioned in the south or west direction for Vastu compliance.

9. Vastu for Staircase Storage:

Avoid using the space under the staircase for storage, especially for heavy items. This can disturb the energy balance in the house.

10. Vastu for Staircase Tip for Nearby Doors:

Ensure that the staircase doesn’t align directly with the main entrance or any other doors in the house, as per Vastu guidelines.

Vastu Tips for Staircase – Design Guidelines:

Consider Vastu-compliant design guidelines for staircases, such as maintaining a clockwise direction while climbing, which is considered auspicious.

What are the General Rules for Staircase as Per Vastu?

General Vastu rules for staircases include avoiding circular or elliptical designs and ensuring a well-lit and clutter-free environment.

Why is It Important to Follow Vastu for Staircase?

Following Vastu for the staircase ensures a harmonious energy flow, promoting a positive and balanced environment within the home.

Serious Construction Defects as Per Vastu for Staircase:

Serious construction defects may arise if Vastu principles for staircases are not adhered to, potentially impacting the overall well-being of the occupants.

What are Some Rules of Vastu for Staircase Handrails?

Vastu suggests that handrails should be on the right side while climbing the staircase for support and balance.

Conclusion to Vastu for Staircase:

Incorporating Vastu principles for staircases in your home is essential for creating a positive and balanced living space. By aligning the orientation, positioning, and design with Vastu guidelines, you can enhance the overall energy flow and well-being within your home.

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