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Front only vs. corner house elevation design

Front Elevation vs. Corner House Elevation Design: Which is Right for You?

Introduction: Choosing the right elevation design is a critical decision in home construction. Dive into the differences between front and corner house elevations to make an informed choice for your dream home.

1. Front Elevation Design: Front elevation focuses on the primary view of your home, making it visually appealing from the front.

Front Elevation Design
Front Elevation Design
  • Primary street view
  • Curb appeal enhancement
  • Front façade features

2. Corner House Elevation Design: Corner house elevation considers the aesthetics from multiple angles, ensuring a striking presence from both streets.

Corner House Elevation Design
Corner House Elevation Design
  • Dual street exposure
  • Unique architectural opportunities
  • Balanced design

Front Elevation Design:

Front elevation design places emphasis on the front façade of the house, facing the primary street. This design approach prioritizes creating a visually appealing front view, enhancing curb appeal, and making a strong impression on anyone approaching the house.

Benefits of Front Elevation Design:

  • Creates an attractive and welcoming entrance.
  • Provides a clear focal point for the house’s architectural features.
  • Enhances the house’s curb appeal, which can be especially important for resale value.
  • Allows for creative landscaping and front yard design.

Considerations for Front Elevation Design:

  • Ensure that the front elevation aligns with the overall architectural style of the house.
  • Pay attention to the choice of materials, colors, and architectural details for a cohesive look.
  • Balance aesthetics with functionality, such as ensuring proper placement of windows and doors.

Corner House Elevation Design:

Corner house elevation design takes into account the unique positioning of the house on a corner lot, which allows for visibility from multiple angles. This design approach aims to create a visually striking presence from both streets that intersect at the corner.

Benefits of Corner House Elevation Design:

  • Maximizes the house’s exposure and visibility, making it stand out in the neighborhood.
  • Offers architectural opportunities for creative and unique designs.
  • Provides a sense of balance and symmetry when viewed from different angles.

Considerations for Corner House Elevation Design:

  • Opt for architectural features that make the most of the corner location, such as corner windows or a wrap-around porch.
  • Ensure that the design maintains a harmonious overall look, even when viewed from various angles.
  • Take into account the landscaping and hardscaping to complement the corner design.

Front Elevation vs. Corner House Elevation: Which is Right for You?

Choosing between front elevation and corner house elevation design depends on various factors, including your lot’s location, personal preferences, and architectural style. Here are some questions to help you decide:

1. What is the orientation of your lot?

  • If your lot is a corner lot, a corner house elevation design can maximize its unique positioning. Otherwise, a front elevation design may be suitable.

2. Do you want to make a strong impression from multiple angles?

  • If you desire a house that stands out from both streets and offers a sense of balance, consider a corner house elevation.

3. What is the architectural style of your home?

  • Ensure that your elevation design aligns with the overall architectural style of your house, whether it’s traditional, modern, or another style.

4. How important is curb appeal to you?

  • If curb appeal is a top priority, both front and corner elevations can enhance the attractiveness of your home.

5. Are there any local regulations or guidelines for elevation design?

  • Check with local authorities or homeowner associations to ensure compliance with any regulations or guidelines regarding elevation design.
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