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How to know the color codes of a building exterior paints

Decoding Exterior Paint: How to Determine Building Color Codes

Introduction: Discovering the color codes of a building’s exterior paint is a handy skill for maintenance and renovation. Learn the steps and methods to unveil the hues of your architectural canvas.

1. Inspect the Paint Can: The paint can label often contains essential information, including color name, code, and manufacturer details.

Inspect the Paint Can
Inspect the Paint Can
  • Check label information
  • Note down color name and code
  • Contact manufacturer if needed

2. Architectural Plans and Records: Access architectural plans or records, if available, which may specify exterior paint colors and codes.

  • Review construction documents
  • Contact architects or builders
  • Access city or county records

3. Color Fan Decks: Color fan decks from paint manufacturers showcase a wide range of colors, including their respective codes.

  • Obtain a color fan deck
  • Match existing colors
  • Note down color codes

4. Color Matching Tools: Use a color matching tool, often available at paint stores, to analyze and replicate existing colors.

 Color Matching Tools
Color Matching Tools
  • Bring a sample of the paint
  • Use digital color matching devices
  • Obtain color codes from the tool

5. Hire a Professional Color Consultant: Consider hiring a color consultant who specializes in exterior design to identify and recommend color codes.

  • Expertise in color selection
  • In-depth knowledge of exterior color trends
  • Cost-effective color solutions

6. Online Color Code Databases: Search online databases dedicated to paint color codes, where you can input color details to find corresponding codes.

  • Use search engines
  • Browse paint manufacturer websites
  • Visit paint color code websites

7. Paint Retailer Assistance: Visit a paint retailer, provide them with color details, and they can often assist in finding the matching color code.

  • Bring color swatches or samples
  • Consult store staff
  • Use their color-matching services

8. Digital Color Identification Apps: Explore color identification apps that use your smartphone camera to identify colors and provide matching codes.

Digital Color Identification Apps
Digital Color Identification Apps
  • Download color identification apps
  • Follow app instructions
  • Use in well-lit conditions

9. DIY Color Matching: With color samples and a keen eye, attempt to match colors yourself using paint swatches and trial-and-error.

  • Collect paint samples
  • Compare against paint swatches
  • Experiment on a small area

10. Community Resources: Engage with your local community, such as neighbors or online forums, to gather insights and information on exterior paint colors and codes.

  • Ask neighbors for insights
  • Join home improvement forums
  • Seek local advice

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What information can I find on a paint can label?
    • A paint can label typically includes the color name, code, and manufacturer details.
  2. Can architectural plans help me find the exterior paint color code?
    • Yes, architectural plans or records may specify exterior paint colors and codes.
  3. How do color matching tools work?
    • Color matching tools analyze a paint sample and provide information on the closest matching colors, including their codes.
  4. What is the role of a color consultant in finding color codes?
    • Color consultants are experts in exterior design and can identify and recommend color codes based on your preferences and architectural style.
  5. Are there any online databases for paint color codes?
    • Yes, there are online databases where you can search for paint color codes using color details.
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