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Understanding Building Design And  Drawing Triple Story Plan Elevation Maps

If you want to know more about the construction plans for a triple story addition to your home, you should look into Fixtures Inc. triple story plan and building design and drawing plans. These are plans that are designed specifically with builders in mind. There are some things you should keep in mind when choosing this source of information. While it can be fairly easy to pick up some books at the local library and learn the basics, it’s better to have the specific information you need to know in one place. We’ll discuss a few things that will help you choose the right plan for your needs.

One important thing to note is that these plans are not “do it yourself” projects. Even the most basic drawings will be complex, detailed and challenging to follow. You will need the skills of an architect as well as an engineer to draw and build on a plan. Fixtures Inc. offers professional plans for triple story home builds that are easy to read and understand.

Before you begin working with the design team from Fixtures Inc., ask them to draw your home on graph paper. This is a good way to visualize what your new addition will look like. It gives you a realistic idea of how the building will evolve from the ground up. This is especially important for you if you aren’t familiar with building designs or don’t have a lot of building experience.

A good place to learn about triple story building design plans is from someone that has built several of them. Visit local buildings that have these plans printed on the wall. Talk to the architect or the building contractor that is building the addition and find out how they plan to use the building design plans. Get to know their company as well.

The best part of visiting these places is that you get three opinions. This is something you can’t get at the contractors’ house. You also get to visit the property before you sign any contracts. This allows you to be sure you really like the place you are considering. It is best to do everything you can to ensure that your dream home fits your needs and desires before you buy.

You may think that drawings for triple story additions are too difficult to understand. Don’t be fooled. You can easily follow the building plans and understand the details of each room and area. By taking a few moments each day to read over the plans, you can easily develop a detailed understanding of how the home will fit in with the neighborhood. Once you understand the flow of the home, you can put together a wonderful design plan.

If you’re looking for a great resource for drawing plans, visit Triple Story Planner. These unique plans have been created by award-winning architects. These plans have been tested by over 100 local homes and have been found to be the best in terms of what works best. Using this type of plan can help you create a new home that works best with your lifestyle and neighborhood.

There are some things that you need to understand before you start to plan your new addition. Understanding how to draw a building design and a plan will ensure that you find the best home possible. A plan is the first step that you take when you build a new home, so take the time to read it thoroughly.

75×94 ft building design and drawing triple story plan elevation


House plan  details

Plot size => 75’0*94’0  ft  7050 sq ft

Direction => East


Ground floor


11 Shop =>10’4*17’5 ft , 8’6*17’6 ft ,

8’6*17’6 ft , 8’6*17’6 ft , 8’6*17’6 ft ,

7’9*7’6 , 15’11*6’6 ft , 12’0*9’0 ft ,

12’0*9’0 ft  , 9’0*12’0 ft , 11’0*3’0 ft

Lift => 5’0*6’0 ft


First floor


 2 Balcony => 11’0*5’6 ft ,5’0*5’0 ft

Lift =>5’0*6’0 ft

2 common  toilet => 11’0*22’0 ft , 8’6*5’0 ft


Second floor


3 Bed room =>11’0*12’10 ft , 10’6*12’6 ft , 14’0*12’11 ft

3 Master bed room => 14’0*15’3 ft , 17’6*13’3 ft , 17’6*13’10 ft

 2 Hall =>14,0*20’9 ft , 13’9*18’0 ft

2 Kitchen => 9’6*12’11 ft , 9’0*11’0 ft

3 Attach toilet => 8’6*5’0 ft , 8’10*5’8 ft , 11’0*5’2 ft

3 Attach Balcony => 11’0*5’6 ft , 9’9*5’3 ft , 5’0*5’0 ft


75×94 ft building design and drawing triple story plan elevation

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