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New House Model – 2 Story Plan For Success!

The 60×65ft New House Model Two Story Plan is an excellent model of luxury living. It offers many of the best features of a two-story home, with a big backyard and ample parking. With the two-story plan, there is ample space on the lower floor to enjoy the many amenities of a second-floor home, including a large terrace or balcony. The second story offers easy access to the second floor kitchen, family room, or even the basement stairs for an upstairs bathroom.

These plans offer expansive views from each level of the house. The two-story plan offers extra space for pools, garden areas, and extra rooms above the second floor. The large open space will give you plenty of room to entertain and accommodate your friends and family.

With additional living areas on the ground floor and a master/ servants bedroom on the top floor, your home will be a comfortable retreat for you and loved ones. Your private deck will allow you to entertain friends and family in style. The extra space available on the lower levels will also provide ample room for storage of your outdoor gear.

The luxury models by New Home Builders are designed to be energy efficient. This model is completed with modern heating and cooling equipment to save you money on your utilities and keep your home comfortable. With special energy saving features, New Home Builders has set the bar for luxury with their award-winning models.

The master/ servants’ bedroom offers spacious amenities in a comfortable and elegant setting. The New Home Builders two story plan offers a wealth of closet space to help organize your belongings. The second floor plan offers ample room for entertaining or relaxing after a long day at work. The two-story plan is finished with walk-through doors to the deck for more convenience.

With the second floor plan, you can have more square footage for your home and add on another level. The two-story plan is finished with a generous walk through the door to the deck for more convenience. The New Home Builders model also offers a large sunroom that will please even the most demanding homeowner. You can use the sunroom during the summer months to entertain family and friends.

There is many New Home Builders who specializes in remodeling older homes. Some specialize in housing for single adults and others who live in an area where there are children. They can customize a wide range of models that will suit the needs of their clients. They also offer financing to help you with the cost of the project. If you need assistance with finding the right builder, contact them today.

The 60×65ft New House Model Two-story plan has many advantages over other variations, such as the single story, L-shaped or G-shaped plans. You can have extra room for storage, a kitchenette and a living room in the same house, and still have room left over. In other models, you may not be able to afford the extras, which you won’t find in this plan. There are also many extras you can purchase for your home, including a patio, sun room, stairs, exterior doors, and patios.

Another benefit of the 60×65 ft new house model is that it comes in a variety of sizes. No matter what your needs and wants, you can find a house that will work. They have different options for the kitchen and bathrooms, depending on how much extra room you need. They also have options for the floors, ceilings, and walls, which will make any kitchen or bathroom more efficient and enjoyable. Many models also have features such as a large sliding glass door, exterior light control, and window upgrades.

One of the biggest selling points of the New House Model 2 story plan is that it is customizable, unlike many of the other plans on the market. This means that you can choose from features that would otherwise be standard, such as a larger kitchen and bathroom. This gives you the ability to make your home as special and unique as possible. If you are ready to remodel your home, and have lots of ideas, take a look at the New House Model 2 story plans.

The 60×65ft new house model is available from Home Depot in Houston, Texas. The company offers free shipping and handling on most products. This is one of the easiest ways to start building your dream home, and is a perfect way to get started. Take a look at the details and information below for more information.

60×65 ft new house model two story plan elevation


house plan details 


Land area 60*65 ft 3900 sq ft

north facing


Ground floor


 6 normal bedroom 13*10 ft, 11*15 ft,

11*15 ft, 10*12 ft, 12*11 ft, 13*9.0 ft

and common toilet 5.0*7.0 ft, 6.0*6.0 ft, 5.0*7.0 ft,

5.0*8.0 ft, 4.0*7.0 ft, 7.0*4.0 ft, 4.0*7.0 ft

3 Kitchens 7.0*10.0 ft, 10.0*9.0 ft, 11*7.0 ft

2 shops 9.4*7.0 ft, 14*11 ft

Dining and Living hall 16*14 ft, 16*12 ft,

20*11 ft, 20*11 ft, 16*12 ft

Stair case position out side

Parking space 9.0*25 ft, 11*15.0 ft

Open space 12*5.8 ft


On 1 floor


 normal bedroom 11*12 ft, 13*9.0 ft, 10*12.6 ft,

11*12 ft, 12*13 ft, 11*15 ft, 11*13 ft

and attach toilet 7.0*5.0 ft, 7.0*5.0 ft,

8.0*5.0 ft, 4.0*8.0 ft, 5.0*8.0 ft,

 Kitchens 11*7.0 ft, 10*9.6 ft,

10.0*7.0 ft, 10.0*9.0 ft 10.0*7.0 ft,

Dining and Living hall 20*14 ft, 16*11 ft,

15*10 ft, 16*11 ft, 16*14 ft

Stair case position inside

Balcony 11*13 ft, 11*25 ft, 25*9.4 ft


60×65 ft new house model two story plan elevation

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