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Building a High-End Home From Scratch

For those of you that are not familiar with the house front elevation and have an appreciation of home plans and architecture, you might not understand what this article is talking about. It is so important to us when we are designing anything that it has to be on a flat ground. The elevations of the floor plans of any home are very important. The question might be, how important is this to you?

First, a house should always be on a flat ground. The house must never be built on sloping or inclined land. You should always build your home on a level surface. This is important because the foundation of your home will rest upon this surface. If the land slopes towards the house then the foundation can become a very costly liability to you. The only way to avoid this is to build your home on a level surface.

Second, your home’s design should never rely solely on the local building code requirements as far as regulations on building are concerned. We need to be cognizant of these regulations and adhere to them. Otherwise we could find ourselves in serious legal trouble. We don’t want to get into such trouble and then be forced to redesign our home.

Third, when you are drawing the floor plan you might want to give some thought to using elevations to show the different levels of the home. This might make things a bit clearer to you when you are reviewing the plans. Elevations can also help you keep in mind the architectural details. Remember, these architectural details are what make things look beautiful.

We can use the elevation design images for many reasons. First of all, we can easily get a better feel for the size and proportions of the rooms. With the help of the elevations we can get a better idea of how many square feet in a room occupies. Also, the height of the building can be used as a guideline for the type of flooring that will work best for the room.

When the planning of the floor plan is complete, we can then go back to the original blueprints and redraw any elements that we find to be misaligned or out of place. If we don’t do this, we will end up with a front house plan that doesn’t fit our needs. And this is the last thing that we want. We worked hard to get a great looking front elevation for our dream home.

We now just have to make sure that the contractor that we choose follows our wishes and gets the job done right. After all, we want to be able to open our doors and welcome our guests in our new home. Not to mention our family.What would we be without the family? A house without a family is like a ship without steering wheels. It’s basically useless. So, if we want to have a beautiful front elevation design for our dream home, we need to be sure that our contractor understands the importance of the floor plan. In addition to using the front elevation plan, we may also want to use the assistance of an architect. The two of them can come together and create a design that we haven’t thought of.

They can work hand-in-hand and come up with a floor plan that meets all of our needs and is still aesthetically pleasing. As a builder, I take great pride in my ability to not only meet the demands of the customers but the desires of the homeowners as well. After all, we want to offer a house that looks as good as it feels inside. I want to make sure that the house we build meets both of those needs.

But that isn’t always an easy thing to do. Sometimes the best things seem to just come to us on a little bit of luck. This time around, though, we were fortunate enough to find the company that meets our specific requirements. With the help of the experts at 5534ft House Front Elevation Design, we were able to turn an idea into a reality. Our dream house looks as great as it did on the drawing table.

All that remains now is to enjoy the rest of our lives. I cannot thank the designers and architects enough for taking us in their capable hands. I have seen the finished product before and there is no doubt that this is the kind of house front elevation that I will be living in for the rest of my days. I am proud to call these professionals my friends. I think you will be as happy as I am when you take advantage of this great opportunity.

55×34 ft house front elevation design image two floor plan


House plan  details


Plot size =>  55*34 ft  1870 sq ft

Direction => North 


Ground floor


3  bedroom =>13’5*10’2 ft, 11’0*11’10 ft , 16’10*10’5 ft

1 attach toilet => 5’0*7’0 ft

1 common toilet => 5’3*6’10 ft

1 common bath =>5’5*6’2 ft,

1 drawing room =>12’0*17’5 ft

2 Kitchen =>5’5*4’6 ft , 7’10*9’0 ft

1 living hall => 8’6*15’11 ft

1 store => 4’3*5’3 ft

car parking  =>9’6*19’5 ft

 staircase outside


first floor


4 bedroom =>16’10*10’5 ft, 11’0*10’5 ft ,

16’10*10’5 ft , 13’3*14’7 ft

1 attach toilet =>5’0*7’0 ft

1 common  toilet => 6’7*7’7 ft

1 drawing room =>12’0*22’2 ft

1 Kitchen =>7’10*10’2 ft , 5’6*4’7 ft

1 pooja  => 9’6*6’0 ft


55×34 ft house front elevation design image two floor plan

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