simple elevation designs for 2 floors building

Indian Simple House Front Elevation Plans And Designs For Home

52×56 ft Indian simple house design Double story plan is really a superb option for anyone to build their dream home. If you are thinking about getting an amazing new home constructed in your own backyard, here’s what you should keep in mind. The first thing you must understand when it comes to selecting any type of house plans and other home building designs is that you must have a good appreciation for where you would like your home to be situated. In the case of constructing a new home, that means understanding what features would best work for you in relation to the location you have in mind.

To help you understand this better, check out some of the gorgeous houses available in the Indian simple home front elevation plans and designs for image result. There is a lot of amazing architecture featured throughout this region. Looking at this building today, you can certainly understand why it is considered so outstanding.

Take a look at the interior of this amazing residence to get a better idea. One of the main features you will see here is the use of flat floors in the master bedroom area of the house. It is simply gorgeous to look at. When you add in the amazing views of the city and the beautiful Nanda Isles coastline, it is easy to understand how the design of the Indian simple house front elevation plans and designs for image result was such a fantastic success. You certainly can’t go wrong with this particular house front elevation plans and designs for image result.

The Nanda Isles house plans are so beautiful that they won’t just impress your visitors, but will have them coming back to see more. Look at the beautiful interiors of these homes. The use of the natural light will allow you to appreciate the intricate details and the unique design of this house plans and designs. Also, take a look at the exquisite landscaping ideas featured here. A lush tropical garden is featured on the grounds of one of the floors of this wonderful residence.

You can certainly understand why the property is priced so reasonably. This is because of the unique features and the exceptional interior design. Another thing that sets this residence apart from all others is the amazing location. This area is easily accessible from major highways and other places that are within a reasonable driving distance. This means that you can move to this amazing property at any time that you want to.

When you explore the wonderful Indian simple house front elevation designs and ideas for home, you will come to appreciate the exquisite landscaping and interior of this beautiful residence. If you want a simple home where you can live peacefully, then this is the home that you should be investing in. You will certainly not regret the investment that you make with this investment.

Looking at the Indian simple house front elevation plans and designs for home, you will find that the exquisite landscape views are simply stunning. You can enjoy a quiet evening in your back yard with your family or friends. There is also a great outdoor kitchen which is perfect for family gatherings. In this amazing location, you can host parties or even have cookouts on occasion.

There is also ample entertainment space in this wonderful residence. There are multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas which make this a perfect place for you to invest. These are just some of the many beautiful features that you will enjoy when you live in this amazing property. This is a great investment because of its location. The value of this home is likely to increase over time and you will certainly be able to enjoy all of the great benefits that this exquisite piece of property has to offer.

52×56 ft indian simple house design double story plan elevation


House plan  details


Plot size =>  52*56 ft 2912 sq ft

Direction => North


Basement floor


Hall => 36’4*46’9 ft

Garage =>16’4*29’9 ft

Plumbing => 5’10*4’0 ft

Electrical =>5’10*4’0 ft

Lobby =>23’6*3’6 ft

Passage => 5’1*30’1 ft

Lift => 5’6*5’6 ft


Ground floor


office space => 36’0*25’0 ft

1 staff  toilet =>9’0*6’0 ft

1 office toilet => 12’5*6’0 ft

1 staff room   => 7’8 *10’10 ft

1 Lift =>5’6*5’6 ft

1 Lobby =>23’6*3’6 ft

1 Passage => 5’0*30’0 ft

1 Electrical =>5’10*4’0 ft

Plumbing=> 5’10*4’0 ft

Garage => 16’4*29’9


First floor


4 Bedroom => 11’0*14’9 ft , 10’0*14’9 ft , 12’5*14’9 ft , 12’5*12’5 ft

4 Toilet &Bath => 5’0*8’0 ft , 4’10*11’11 ft , 9’9* 5’0 ft , 9’9 *5’0 ft

4 Balcony => 10’3*3’7 ft , 10’0*4’0 ft , 9’0 *10’0  ft ,13’3* 4’0 ft

Drawing => 26’6*15’11 ft

Kitchen => 11’0*14’9 ft

Store => 5’0 *9’11 ft

Electrical => 5’10*4’0 ft

Plumbing => 5’10*4’0 ft

Entrance lobby => 8’1*8’11 ft

Lobby => 23’6*3’6 ft

Lift => 5’6*5’6 ft

hall =>30’10*5’11 ft


52×56 ft indian simple house design double story plan elevation

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