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51×33 Ft Simple House Design – New Plans For a Renewed Home

The 51×33 ft Simple House Design is a new and innovative design from Dutch/ Norwegian architects readyhousedesign.com. It combines the traditional elements of the simple house with modern aesthetics. They describe their design as “a vision of beauty in simplicity”. This design encompasses all three levels of the house including the attic, the lower levels, the wall and roof. This plan also includes the space needed for storage.

The 51×33 ft Simple House Design also known as the Triangle is meant to accommodate a large family. The plan contains three levels including the ground floor, the upper levels and a stair-case. The home is designed around a central stairwell, which is located on the main level of the home.

Readyhousedesign.com first chose to design a home for an individual when they were looking for a simple yet luxurious residence. Through the use of individual freedom in the building design and materials, they have been able to accomplish this goal. The use of hardwoods in the home not only provides natural tones but also allows them to incorporate beautiful wood panelling into the walls. Hardwood floors are combined with Terra cotta tile in the kitchen and bathroom. The walls are left unfinished and are finished using a combination of teak, cedar and iron to create a beautiful home that will last for generations to come.

The use of the highest quality materials in this residence is part of what helps to make it stand out among other homes. The materials used in the home designs will help to ensure that the construction will be long lasting and durable. Readyhousedesign.com use only the highest quality timber and stone that are available. Using superior building techniques and designs, these designers ensure that the home designs meet all local codes and are environmentally sound. Each aspect of their design is geared towards providing a simple yet elegant home that will enhance the look of any neighbourhood.

The use of natural materials in this simple house design will ensure that the home will be built to last for many years. This type of simple house design will use recycled or salvaged materials to construct each component of the home. The use of recycled and salvaged materials helps to provide a more cost effective way to build a home as well as being safer for the environment. Using recycled or salvaged products is a more eco-friendly and responsible way to build a home that will also increase the resale value of the property.

Each room of the home will be built as if it was part of the original design. The interior design includes the use of natural materials like marble, granite, and stone. Many of the interior partition panels will use real wood panels to give the home a warm rustic feel. The floor plans and rooflines will use wood as well including the use of maple, walnut, ash, and cherry hardwood. In addition to the use of these different types of wood there will be plenty of use of other natural components throughout the home. These include the use of brick throughout the home. The use of concrete on the floors will help to make the home very strong and durable. Many of the interior partition panels will use the stone on the sides and roofs of the home.

This design has some of the most beautiful floor plans and rooflines available. This makes this a very attractive design for any neighbourhood. This simple design will offer a home that will be hassle free to maintain. The floor plans and rooflines will help to create a beautiful garden style atmosphere. The interior design will use large windows to allow natural light into the home.

51×33 ft simple house design 2019 triple story plan elevation


House plan  details


Plot size => 51’0*33’0 ft 1683 sq ft

Direction =>  North


Ground floor


2 Master bedroom =>13’0*11’0 ft , 10’10*11’0 ft

1 Kitchen =>8’8*7’0 ft

1 living area  =>14’8*18’2 ft

1 pooja room =>4’0*7’0 ft

Dining => 8’8*7’4 ft

2 Attach toilet =>6’0*3’10 ,6’0*3’10 ft

Staircase => inside

Parking => 20’9*16’0 ft


ground, first and second floor are the same flat


51×33 ft simple house design 2019 triple story plan elevation

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