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 Indian Simple House Design Multiply Story Plan

The four-minute frame construction is the best choice for any residential or commercial building, home or office. The Indian Simple House Design by Four Minute Plan is a unique and modern design that offers the maximum in quality and affordability. The design offers a variety of choices in elevation and orientation of rooms. It includes the new innovation of the FOUR minute plan. The elevations and orientations of the rooms are fully customizable with either the standard or custom shapes. It has the most precise cuts in every detail of the house plan.

The four minute plan is the cutting-edge plan of today. In the past, floor plans were used to build homes and business structures. Now, floor plans are becoming more popular because they provide more flexibility in the building process. Home or office complex is a very expensive investment, and with the FOUR minute plan you can build a house that is inexpensive and will be worth the investment.

The new design for houses and projects is easy to follow and provides an uncomplicated way to manage the project. The plan contains a floor plan of all the sections of the house or project and the sizes and shapes of the sections. The sections are also easy to adjust according to the different needs of the project. The sections include kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, family room, master bedroom, bathroom, sunroom, and guestroom.

The four minute plan is easy to understand, easy to follow, and will give you the maximum flexibility in your house plan. The floor plan is very flexible, which gives the freedom to modify it for future projects, if required. It has the ability to work with many different floor plans. If you change the floor plan, the rest of the plans will not be affected. Also, this plan will not restrict you to any type of material or color for the interior or exterior of your project.

When you use this plan, there are no rigid design specifications. You can adjust the size, shape, and colors of the walls and windows as required according to your needs. This plan does not force you to have a specific floor plan, as it is flexible. It allows you to choose the size, color, and materials for your project. It also helps you reduce the cost involved in the construction project.

Another good feature of this plan is that it helps you cut costs on the materials. If you were using labor and materials to construct a traditional house, you would need to purchase every material separately, which would add to the total cost of the project. Using Indian Simple House Design Multy Story Plan, you can cut the cost by combining materials that you would normally buy separately. For example, you can combine wood and plywood, which will be cheaper than having two or three materials bought separately. In addition, you can also choose to use bamboo floors over hardwood floors, if you wish to reduce the cost further.


This plan is very easy to understand and follow. You can apply it right away and begin the construction process straight away. The book contains simple diagrams that you can follow easily. Each step is illustrated and includes a complete description of what to do. Moreover, the layout of the Indian simple house design multi story plan is shown in full detail, including all the dimensions and features of each room in the project. You can even download the complete plan on your computer, print it out, and work with it immediately.

If you follow the instructions properly, you will not have any problems building your new house. Even if you are a beginner in the field, you can easily follow the plan and complete the project within a time period specified in the plan. The book also comes with a manual that has details about the various tools and equipment you will need during the building process. This manual serves as an instructional guide for first time home owners to ensure that they build their home according to the plan

45×52 ft indian simple house design multy story plan elevation


house plan details 


Land area 45*52 ft 2340 sq ft

North facing

ground floor

Total 3 master bedrooms

3 master Bedroom 12*12.7 ft, 12*12.7 ft,

12.4*10.6 with attach toilet 9*6 ft, 8*4.2 ft, 5*3 ft

1 common toilet 5.0*3.0 ft

1 lift 4.6*4.6 ft

1 Kitchen 10.6*7.0 ft

and dining 10.6*9.9 ft

Living hall 26.6*13 ft

Balcony 10.0*3.0 ft

Staircase position inside

Ground floor, 1 floor, 2 floors, and 3 floors are the same flat

45×52 ft indian simple house design multy story plan elevation

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