40×84ft Simple House Design Review

40×84ft is a wonderful place to purchase a new house. This is a waterfront house on a beautiful water view. The house has an outdoor kitchen, and a large parcel of land for the garden and recreational areas. The house plan is two stories with living and dining areas on the first floor. Each guest room has an upstairs living area. The second floor plans for this property has an additional guest room.

You will be impressed by the clean lines and simplicity of the interior design. This house is designed with a modern sensibility. Everything is done with simplicity. The spacious living and dining areas are decorated with wood furniture. The floors are seamless throughout the entire property.

The spacious house plan is finished off with a beautiful formal dining area and a luxurious media room. The home office is strategically located in the heart of the home. The spacious design allows you ample room to entertain guests. The large front porch and patio make this a great place to enjoy the outdoors during all seasons. The two fireplaces make it convenient to enjoy your outdoor activities.

The architect did a fabulous job designing the simple house design. The kitchen, dining area and media rooms are just what you need to relax and entertain. The spacious house plan makes it easy to do your homework and watch the news in the living room. The large windows add a touch of elegance to the design. The designer used a variety of colors and finishes to give you a house that looks great from any angle.

This is a two-story design with an attic on the first floor. The design offers a lush outdoor living space on the main level. The lower level consists of an upstairs master bathroom complete with a steam sauna and wet bar. The second floor is an elegant open foyer with handcrafted wood throughout.

The exterior walls are lined with beautiful decorative brick. There are also areas of brick that are painted to mimic slate tile throughout the exterior. The exterior is finished with beautiful brick planters that also contain plants for added attractiveness.

The interior design is just as impressive. The dining area has an amazing wood floor finish. The wood is beautifully stained to compliment the furniture throughout the room. The large sitting area offers a comfortable sectional sofa to accommodate friends and family. There are also a few comfortable chairs placed by the fire place. This simple plan offers plenty of seating and privacy for entertaining.

The roofing system is completed with two story roof panels. These panels are hand crafted, using traditional methods to create a beautifully detailed product. The gables are finished with colorful boards to give the home the appearance of a big house. All these details make this a stunning addition to any home. The design also includes an attic hatbox for storage purposes.

On the exterior, the front entryway is decorated with red brick. The rest of the design is simple and appealing. Large stone walkway to the deck includes brick and metal railing. This design provides plenty of curb appeal. There are many beautiful stone sculptures on the deck.

The materials used to construct the home are carefully chosen and complimented by the experienced team of designers. They have created the plan using eco friendly products to keep the home environmentally friendly. This is a beautiful simple house design that anyone can afford and live comfortably in.

The plan includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The price includes the simple design of the exterior, the plumbing and electric details of the house, and the finishing touches on the interior. The interior is simple too with warm hardwood flooring throughout and comfortable furniture throughout. There are several beautiful pieces of furniture, including a dining table, love seat, and rocking chair. The hardwood floors provide easy cleaning and will not require refinishing or waxing.

The architect has made use of many traditional architectural techniques throughout the building. The kitchen and bathrooms feature the traditional brick and mortar finishes. The roof and exterior walls are constructed with concrete. The foundation is a poured basement foundation that is covered with asphalt shingles. The interior walls are fabric covered and carpeted. The beautiful interior, exterior, and layout of 40804ft plan has many features that allow for an easy and enjoyable build.

40×84 ft simple house design 3 bedroom two floor plan elevation


house plan details 


Land area 40*84 ft 3360 sq ft

west facing


ground floor


Total 2 bedrooms 1 master bedroom 1 guest room

1 master Bedroom 11.10*10.9 ft

with attach toilet 5*7.10 ft

 1 guest room 10.10*10.10 ft

1 Kitchen 8.0*8.9 ft and dining 8.0*8.9 ft

1 living hall 13.3*20.10 ft

1 pooja room 4.6*4.0 ft

Staircase position inside

Parking space 40*53 ft


1 floor


1 children’s room 11.9*10.9 ft

and attach lath bath 6.9*4.9 ft

1 guest room 13.8*10.8 ft

and attach lath bath 6.9*4.9 ft

Terrace area 10*27 ft

Staircase position inside

1 O.T.S.


40×84 ft simple house design 3 bedroom two floor plan elevation

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40×84ft Simple House Design Review40×84ft is a wonderful place to purchase a new house. This is a waterfront house on a beautiful water view. The house has an outdoor kitchen, and a large parcel of land for the garden and recreational areas. The house...40x84-ft-simple-house-design-3-bedroom-two-floor-plan-elevation