Home popular house design 40×70 ft single floor home front design plan elevation

40×70 ft single floor home front design plan elevation

40×70 ft single floor home front design plan elevation

Single Floor Home Front Design Plan Elevation Ideas

40×70 ft single story home front elevation plans with new home exterior paint colors and green home construction are a perfect home for those who own it and live in it. But more than just the exterior, little details like color see how green home construction and design progress here texture planning and plant choices are all a part of that affect. The first “green” detail we’ll look at is the front yard and plants used to accentuate the front yard. We’ll look at color choices and materials. The next green detail will be the home’s outdoor access point and a walkway.

Exterior: East Facing is the style of landscaping that is the most common choice for homes that are located on the east-facing sides of a piece of land. The reason is that this approach allows the architect to use more of his or her imagination when designing the exteriors of the homes. This style is the most visually interesting and visually appealing but has the least amount of maintenance involved with it. As an East facing yard is south facing the street and therefore receives direct exposure to the sun during the hottest part of the day (the sun usually shines about six degrees over the lawn depending on the height and whether or not it is planted with flowers), it is planted with much more foliage to protect it from the heat and therefore does not need to be watered as often as a South facing yard. This also helps it maintain a higher density of trees for the same amount of space.

Exterior: Since the front of a house is usually the only “visible” part of a single story house, the architect should consider the most visually appealing aspect of each level. Here are some ideas of some of the best single floor home front design house front elevations designs for single floor homes. The elevation is calculated in terms of the ratio of floor to top. This is often done by dividing the home’s overall height by its wide open width. This gives us our single story low elevation floor plan.

L-shaped: The L-shaped front elevation designs are great when you have a large front yard but you want more room in the back. The entire house plan east facing the street can be seen from any angle in this way. You can choose the number of sides (and therefore levels) you want. If you want to make the most of your outdoor space, and have a large square footage of back yard available, you can choose the highest level and leave the lower levels (and the ground level walkways) fairly close to the pavement.

U-shaped: The U-shape is another single floor home front design house elevation idea. This allows you to enjoy the beauty of the landscape that surrounds your home but still have all the rooms that you need within the home. Because the U-shape allows you to keep the two main aspects of your house interior in the same level, you gain more square feet of living area.


Single story house plans: These single story house plans are fantastic for lofts, apartments, condos, town homes or any multi-family residences that require the use of more than one floor. They also work well as vacation homes, because you can take advantage of the view and still have a comfortable floor plan. One problem with these single story house plans is that you have to create the rooms above the ground level on one level. While it will be higher than the first story, if you have the luxury of a second story you can use it to extend the single story home plan to a more enjoyable level. You will also have to consider the amount of space that you would like between each floor level.

bungalow house plans: This is a great option if you have an ample amount of land for building. With bungalow house front design house elevations, you can enjoy the views from every level of your new home. If your property is on more than one level, you should consider building a loft on the first level with additional living space on the upper levels. Since the exterior elevation of these bungalows are much higher than that of single-story houses, you will find that the final product is spectacular.

Marylieons Com: Marylieons Com is another unique and delightful option for those who would love to live in a house that allows them to overlook the city with its wonderful view. Marylieons Com has been built on more than five acres of land and was completed in 2021. The building has three floors, which means that it can easily accommodate the typical needs of its residents. To add elegance to the house, you can make use of windows that have French doors. With the help of a good contractor, you can enjoy the comfortable amenities of this residential building, as well as enjoy amazing views of the town and other nearby cities.

40×70 ft single floor home front design plan elevation


house plan details 


Plot size – 40.70 ft 2800 sq ft

Direction – east facing


Ground floor


2 Master bedroom 12.0*11.0 ft, 11.0*12.0 ft

and attach toilet 5.0*8.0 ft, 8.0*5.0 ft

1 common bedroom 11.0*12.0 ft

Common toilet 4.0*6.0 ft

Drawing room 11.0*11.0 ft

Kitchen and dining 8.0*12.0 ft, 11.0*8.0 ft

Hall 20.0*22.0 ft

Staircase position outside

Parking 40.0*24.0 ft


40×70 ft single floor home front design plan elevation

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