East Facing Lots Are Better Than West Facing Lots When it Comes to 40×40 House Plan Details

This article explains about 40×40 house plans east facing home plans, which are ideal for people who prefer to stay in their own plot of land for a long time period. These house plans are unique and have various options like two stories, penthouse, three stories, rear entry and much more. It also has different styles like modern, traditional, country kitchen, cottage style etc. Each house plan has its own benefits and drawbacks. This article highlights the benefits and drawbacks of these kinds of houses.

Most important benefits of such a house plan are: * Good ventilation. East facing home plans are very well insulated by means of windows and doors. Hence it provides good ventilation for your room as well as for the entire house as an important feature. If you live in the northern region, this kind of living arrangement would be ideal for you as the sun can be turned on for heating purpose even during the winters.

 Living arrangements for your master bedroom are also very important. You can have a single master bedroom in this kind of arrangement or dual master bedroom and guest room. It all depends upon your need and space availability. Depending upon the choice of materials used for construction of your house, you can have a simple, conventional or contemporary design. Moreover, it will also determine the size of your family. You can have a spacious and large family if you want to but you can also have an efficient arrangement for children’s room and other areas of your home depending upon the kind of house plan that you choose.

The best house design with East facing South facing yard is the East facing South facing Ground floor plan with detached garage attached. This works out best for those families having two or more kids. The detached garage is useful for parking your car and other vehicles. You can use the garage for guest rooms and have separate entrance for family members.

 You can have a spacious garden if you choose East facing South facing ground floor plan with vastu shastra. This is considered one of the best house designs for people who have ample space. The huge area of ground allows you to plant an assortment of plants and flowers. In addition, you can also install a fountain in this kind of structure.

 Your dream house can be fully realized with East facing South facing ground floor plan with detached garage and master bedroom in the same. The detached garage is useful for parking your car. You can also use it as a storage place for your dirty clothes. Master bedroom is available with vastu shastra and it has one common toilet. You can opt for modern furniture and fixtures in this bedroom.

 If you are living in a cold region where air circulation is difficult and you suffer from asthma, you should select a 40 x 60 east facing east home plans better ventilation plan. This is ideal for you if you suffer from asthma and breathing problems. It allows proper circulation of air in the house and at the same time allows fresh air to enter the room. In winter, this helps you to stay warm and save energy.

If you want your home to look beautiful even if you move out in the future, it is important to select the ideal 40 house plans east facing yard plot. These plots have excellent edging options and they also offer privacy to your plot. Some of these buildings have beautiful stone walls and are fit for modern lifestyles.

40×40 house plan east facing




Plot size – 40.40 ft 1600 sq ft

Direction – east facing


Ground floor


2 master bedrooms and attach toilet

1 common toilet

1 living and dining hall

1 kitchen

1 store room


Staircase outside


40×40 house plan east facing

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