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Top Three Best Modern House Design Ideas

You will love the loft of 39×89 ft as it is a perfect modern home design which is built in the traditional way. The beautiful thing with this home is that you will have an elegant and high standard of living in your home. It has a unique style and the best part about it is that there are no limitations. This loft is designed to allow for an open plan kitchen with the ability to expand. Here you will enjoy the wonderful views of the outdoors.

This is an amazing home that was built by combining some classic elements like a garden trellis and a beautiful pool. The home will certainly stand out with its double windows that were designed with panes of glass. It also has a home elevator and home escalators. You will get all of the modern conveniences in your home with this amazing home.

You can enjoy the best modern house plans that are offered in River Ridge by opting for a home that has a double floor plan. This is definitely an amazing feature that allows for two people to be able to live in this house. Two sets of stairs make it easy for you to access the second floor from the top. There are no stairs that lead to the first floor of this home. The home elevator also allows for easier movement between floors.

The best modern house plans feature a large foyer area. In this area you will find a fireplace area that is well lit with a beautiful chandelier. The home elevators will take you up to your upper floors with ease. You will not need any stairs to get to the upper floors in this home.

When it comes to living in River Ridge, the design and home plans are very unique. Everything is contemporary including the floors, ceilings and walls. Each room has a dual purpose. You can use the room as a living area or even a home office.

The home office space in River Ridge can be found in an amazing two hundred and sixty-three square feet of space. The home office has a desk, computer table and a printer. There is a separate quiet room where you can work without the distraction of other people in the home. You will be able to control your home office temperature with the thermostat. This office is out of all the rooms in River Ridge that have a total floor space of two hundred and sixty-three square feet.

The River Ridge Home Security system uses the latest technology to protect your home. The home office has a fully equipped desk for working with paper documents. You will have access to your personal computer station with cable connection. There is also a security lock box that is located in the main bedroom and hallway that will protect your home from intruders.If you are looking for the best modern house design that offers more storage, then the River Ridge Home is perfect for you. This house has five hundred thousand square feet of space that includes five hundred and seventy-three rooms that are all finished with top quality flooring. The kitchens include an island with a butcher block counter top, a refrigerator and two hundred and fifty square feet of floor space. The bathrooms include a large walk in shower, two hundred and fifty square feet of room, two hundred and twenty-four inch ceramic tiles that have been grouted and a sixty-five gallon water tank.

The large foyer gives you an immediate feeling that you are entering a mansion. The two-story parlor style of the foyer design is great for any home office. The formal dining room tiled walls and extensive windows allow you easy access to the outside garden and the deck. The home office furniture includes leather sofas and chairs that have been designed with you in mind.

If you prefer to live in a home that is bigger than your needs, then the River Ridge Home is the right fit for you. The spacious main floor offers you a two hundred and seventy-four room that contains a full-service pantry, a full service kitchen and a large foyer. The second floor contains a large walk in shower and a wet bar. There is a large family room that contains a couch, two stools, and a love seat. The third floor contains a full service home gym along with an exercise room and a large circular fitness table. There is a full sunroom with a large picture window for those cool summer nights.

The award winning architecture of The Estate at Westchester Farms guarantees that you will have everything you need to make your home comfortable and stylish. The fully equipped kitchens and spacious family room offer a convenient and cozy atmosphere for you to work in. The spacious main floor home office is the perfect location for any home office, home library or study. The luxurious parlor style of the foyer and formal dining room will give you the feel of luxury. The foyer has a large wood paneling that opens up to a spiral staircase that has one hundred and sixty-three steps. The large formal dining room tiled walls and extensive windows are the perfect backdrop for any home decor.

39×89 ft best modern house design double floor plan elevation


house plan details


Plot size =>  39*89 ft  3471 sq ft 

Direction => North


Ground floor


2 bedroom =>13’3*15’6 ft, 13’6*15 ft

2 attach toilet =>7’0*6’0 ft, 4’9*7 ft

1 common toilet => 4’0*6’0 ft

2  dressing  =>7’0*9’2 ft , 5’4*7’2 ft

1 drawing room =>13’0*12’5 ft

1 Kitchen =>13’3*12’5 ft

1 store => 4’0*6’5 ft

1 pooja room =>4’8*5’5 ft

foyer => 8’0*5’0 ft

garden =>13’8*15 ft

hall  =>11’0*15’0 ft

o.t.s  4’0*7’0 ft

Back open sitting area =>17’4*20’4 ft

swimming pool => 17’0*11’4 ft

car parking  =>10’11*26’3

Staircase => inside


First-floor plan is the same ground floor plan


39×89 ft best modern house design double floor plan elevation

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