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The Three-Level Plan of the 38×57 Ft Home Building Design

Home building design has come along way over the years and 38×57 ft plan elevations in Nantahala Valley is a new and innovative way to design and build homes. ReadyHooked Designs Incorporated has taken full advantage of state of the art technology by combining the best in indoor and outdoor lighting with superior home builder expertise. This unique three floor plan allows for optimal light and heat control with exceptional acoustics. All this is possible due to the state of the art technology that is used in the construction of ReadyHooked Designs.

The three floor plan layout of ReadyHooked Designs Incorporated consists of the master bedroom, master bathroom and guest room. Each floor of the finished house has been carefully planned and engineered. A state of the art swimming pool completes the layout. A fully-equipped fitness center with sauna and steam room is on the property. With the master bedroom being on the top floor, the guest room is located on the second floor and the kitchen on the third floor.

The master bedroom is equipped with superior modern style furnishings. High end furnishings are found throughout the master bath including two sinks, two-burner stove, modern style cabinets, whirlpool bath, surround sound system, etc. The master bath has two levels with the bottom level offering a soaking pool. One can enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains from the master level. The second level has a walk-in closet, handcrafted hardwood floors, whirlpool bath, and large soaking tub.

A spacious patio with an assortment of unique seating options is found on the first level of ReadyHooked Designs Incorporated’s home building design. The patio space is decorated with comfortable chairs, tables, benches, and a fire pit. Two fireplaces are also found in this patio area. One fireplace is located on the first level and the other on the second level. Each fireplace offers a distinctive outdoor feel.

The second level of the ReadyHooked Home Design apartment features a master suite that is finished in wood. The master bath is a whirlpool tub surrounded by high quality marble, granite, and wood floors. The second level offers an elegant soaking tub, a fireplace with wood mantels, and a seating area. A stone tiled back yard completes this luxurious apartment.

The spacious master suite is finished in contemporary oak. Hardwood floors are featured throughout the room and there is a marble column water feature on the foyer. This water feature is cooled by a vapor barrier which is placed between the front of the master suite and the wall of the bathroom. A skylight can also be added onto the master suite.The third level of the Ready Hooked home is called the patio. This space is finished in red brick pavers. It features a beautiful gazebo with four patio chairs around it. There is an iron fire bowl on the second level of the patio. This large patio space has a seating area of 40 individuals. This patio is great for family events and BBQ’s.

The Ready Hooked system offers a property owner numerous choices when it comes to floor plans and layouts. This system not only allows you to have a home that you can call your own, but one that is designed to be energy efficient as well. The company has updated its technology to make your dreams of owning your dream home come true. A home is a place where you go to relax and spend time with family and friends. When you build your home with Ready Hooked, you will create a space that you can enjoy and be proud of.

38×57 ft home building design three floor plan elevation


House plan  details


Plot size =>  38’0*57’0 ft 2166 sq ft

Direction => North


Ground floor

1 Master bedroom =>17’0*13’0 ft

1 Attach toilet => 9’9*6’0 ft

1 Dressing => 12’3*6’6 ft

1 Kitchen => 13’0*13’6 ft

1 Lobby =>  18’0*14’4 ft

1 Common Toilet => 8’3*4’2 ft

Veranda =>12’8*7’8 ft

1 Store room => 9’0*6’0 ft

1 Dining hall => 10’2*15’0 ft

1 Drawing hall => 12’0*9’0 ft

Chamber => 7’8*16’0 ft


First floor

3 Master Bedroom =>17’0*16’6 ft , 17’6*16’0 ft , 13’0*20 ft

3 Attach toilet => 5’3*10’0 ft , 5’0*10’0 ft , 5’3*10’0 ft

2 Balcony => 19’0*5’0 ft , 13’9*5’0 ft


Second floor

Hall room => 31’3*20’0 ft

2 Toilet =>12’0*8’6 ft , 5’0*10’0 ft

Balcony =>19’0*5’0 ft


38×57 ft home building design three floor plan elevation

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