Home Double Story Home Elevations 36×85 ft house model two floor plan elevation

36×85 ft house model two floor plan elevation

36×85 ft house model two floor plan elevation

36×84 Ft House Model Two Floor Plan and Three Elevations Available

The most famous model of a New York house is the One Floor Plan. It is so famous that it can even be found on currency notes, golf balls and other mementos. Even those who don’t live in New York are familiar with this house plan.

The one-floor plan of the One Floor Plan is a simple yet appealing layout. It is a simple model that provides a lot of variety. This is because the floor plans are not fixed. You can easily alter them to create your desired layout. While many other houses have one-dimensional floor plans, the New York house offers three dimensional models.

The “One Floor Plan” allows you to modify the plans as you wish. There are five levels in the house. The top floor is the ground floor, the middle level is the second floor, the lowest level is the first floor and the highest level is the roof. You can build the stairs at the lowest level. This allows you to adjust the floor plan to accommodate taller people.

The New York house plan with the elevations gives you an amazing view. The entire model of the house can be viewed from the top or bottom. You can see the kitchen and the bathroom from the top. This makes the process of planning the house easier because everything is in the forefront and easier to remember.

When you use the elevations in the house plan, you are provided with various views. For example, you can look up and down, forward or backward. You can also move into certain parts of the model as you wish. There is no need to move out of the way. All you need to do is open the appropriate switch and the exterior door will open.

The New York house plan is the best house plans for the senior citizen in mind. The main floor has the dining area and the kitchen. The third floor contains the master bathroom. The fourth floor is the guest room. There is ample space available and you can add extra rooms as you wish.

The house has a two story roof and there are two elevator shafts that take you from the ground floor to the upper floors. The stairway is smooth and easy to walk. The elevations give you a good view of the landscaping and your surroundings. The other features in this house plan include the sliding glass patio doors, a wet bar, fireplace and a terrace.

The New York house plan is great because it gives you plenty of options for every household. You can customize it with the right sizes and materials and place it in any location. The model includes all the relevant elevations and all the necessary extras so you do not have to go searching elsewhere. You can purchase your own customized house plan.

This beautiful home was built by architecturally inclined Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed the beautiful Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City. The museum he built inspired many architects when they designed their homes. Many people admire his designs, even though his model is relatively older than most houses at that time. The Guggenheim was damaged during a fire in 2021, but the museum is still open and you can still enjoy it.

This house plan is one of the most attractive ones available. There are plenty of features and the layout of the house is suitable for most homes and has a very simple and clean layout. It also has a very large amount of space in the living area. The elevations are well placed throughout the home and this allows the family members to easily move around without bumping into each other.

The kitchen and the dining area are positioned on different levels and have sliding doors that allow easy movement in and out. The master bedroom sits high on the second level and has a king size bed. In the sitting room, you will find a fantastic wooden platform bed, an end table and dressing table. The stairs to the upper floors run up to a stair landing and a tiled roof. It comes with a fully equipped modern kitchen and there is ample storage space under the kitchen island.

If you love art, nature or the outdoors, then this house plan is perfect for you. It was designed by architect Frederick Law Olmstead, who is well renowned for his beautiful creations. The entire concept was based on the idea, “A house is a place to live”. It offers a relaxing atmosphere with a view of the greenery outside. A home floor plan like this is definitely a “home away from home”.

36×85 ft house model two floor plan elevation


house plan details 


Land area 36*85 ft 3060 sq ft

west facing


ground floor


 2 Master bedroom 10*16 ft, 10*10 ft

and attach toilet 6*4 ft, 10*5 ft

One common bedroom 10*10 ft

Living hall 17*16 ft

Kitchen 12*10 ft and dining hall 10*10 ft    

Staircase position outside

Parking space 13*14 ft


On 1 floor


2 Master bedroom 10*10 ft, 17*16 ft

and attach toilet 10*5 ft, 10*5.0 ft 

One common bedroom 10*10 ft

and one common toilet 6.0*6.0 ft

Dining hall 10*10 ft

Staircase position outside


36×85 ft house model two floor plan elevation

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