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35×90 ft Building Design – A Modern Double Storey Plan

35×90 ft Building Design is an innovative concept that allows for the construction of a two story home or even more with the aid of a modular design. This is a unique and new approach to the way people are building homes and condominiums. The plan was created by Jon Heckler, with the help of his team of architects and engineers, headed by John Freiman. The main goal was to create a building design that would work as efficiently as possible in any given location without compromising the site-specific amenities that the home or condo owner was looking for. The end result is a unique and innovative building design that allows for the flexibility and convenience of a double-story plan, while simultaneously being efficient and cost effective.

This is the perfect example of a modular design that works in a limited space. Each module of the duplex home consists of a fully-equipped kitchen with built in stove and refrigerator, a full-size dining area with an island, and finally, a guest room with a fully-equipped bath. The interior walls of the two-story unit were designed to allow for the storage of a multitude of furniture pieces while still providing a flow-like feel in the living area.

Jon Heckler was responsible for the initial design phase, and the final product is what you see today. He conceptualized the design using a modular technique in which each floor plan is connected to the next. With three stories, the interior staircases can connect to the lower levels for loading and unloading the finished home. The double story plan is also connected to the exterior staircases for the same functionality.

The exterior staircases and the double story plan were designed to accommodate large open areas like backyards and sunrooms. With the use of modern technology, exterior and interior views can be incorporated into the design. The front porch and the back yard have the same view from the ground up, so the entire house can be viewed through one grand window. This makes the layout even more cohesive.

When it comes to the kitchen, the first stage consists of the base and the foundation. The base plan will be the one that supports the entire structure from the ground level up. It’s important to keep in mind that the foundation should be firmly anchored to the concrete slab through the use of steel ties. Once this is done, the rest of the house can be constructed as per the home plans. All materials and the design can be customized according to each home.

The kitchen is a very important part of any house. Therefore, it requires the most advanced planning. The floor plan will need to incorporate the largest floor space possible. Large open spaces are required for eating, socializing, and even storage. The floor plans will need to consider the shape and size of the appliances and countertops. In addition, the floor plans can be customized with a number of unique storage solutions.

The garage is also an integral part of any home. There are many different kinds of garages that can be incorporated into the floor plans of a home. These include attached garages that are designed specifically for vehicles and the adjacent spaces, freestanding garages that allow the full height of the automobile to be accessed, and flexible garage spaces. All of these options will allow plenty of room for a car and plenty of space for a person to comfortably get in and out of their vehicle. They can also be built on a specific foundation to provide additional storage under the home.

35×90 ft building design is one of the newest and best floor plans on the market. It utilizes the most efficient building design techniques and materials available to homeowners. The floor plans include beautiful tiled walls and wood floors throughout the property. The interior wall panels are finished in cherry or espresso wood. Each panel is affixed to the underlying concrete foundation and can be removed and replaced easily.

35×90 ft building design double story plan elevation


House plan  details


Plot size => 35’0*90’0 ft 3150  sq ft

Direction =>  East


Ground floor


2 Master bedroom =>12’0*13’9 ft , 11’0*14’6 ft

1 Kitchen =>9’0*13’0 ft

1 Bed room =>12’0*14’0

Hall => 15’4*20’0 ft

2 attach Bath => 9’6*7’6 ft , 8’6*5’6 ft

1 Bath => 4’0*7’6 ft

Drawing room => 11’6*13’0 ft

Staircase => Out side

Store room => 9’0*9’6 ft

Parking => 6’4*6’11 ft

ground and first floor are the same flat

35×90 ft building design double story plan elevation

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