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The Exterior Design of the 343×4 fts House Front Elevation

The 34×34ft house front elevation model is the ultimate in a modern home. By elevating the home’s exterior design to allow for improved views from every angle, the three-story design will create endless opportunities for extra living space and living spaces within the home. The architects at 34×34ft have created a home that will literally rise up to your demands for living space. The designers have designed an amazing home that is available to you in just about any configuration you desire.

By planning the exterior of the home to allow for better views, you will also be able to plan the interior of the home. The three stories allow for a large living area inside the home and the extra space is used for a master bedroom, guest room, children’s play area, and any other uses you desire. Each unit on the lower level has two to three bedrooms, a full bath, a wet bar, and a separate entrance on the top floor. The units have a separate entrance as well so you can use the bottom floor as a family room with your own entertainment system or you can use the top floor to have a spa or other relaxation area with a steam room, hot tub, or other amenities.

If you like the exterior but you are not satisfied with the floor plan because you do not have enough space inside of the house, there is another option. The architects have designed a rear extension with living space on the bottom level. You will still have three levels to choose from but will only have the second level open to you. This option is great for people with smaller lots or for people who do not want to leave their patio or deck areas exposed. The rear extension offers all the same things that the exterior model offers such as:

Easy entry. This plan is simple and easy to implement. There are no overhead construction requiring you to hire workers or pay for workers’ compensation. You simply roll the first floor back into place and begin the installation process. This will give you the option of having three stories open to you or if you are looking to have extra space in the interior of your home but do not have the room for an extendd entryway, this would be the right option for you.

Space. With this house front elevation plan, there is plenty of space for every corner of the home. If you are looking to increase the square footage of your home by expanding the kitchen and adding space to walkways, this would be the right choice for you. If you are trying to make use of the limited space that you have in your back yard, with this plan, you would have three stories of usable space to walk through and to mingle in the neighborhood.

Security. The architects have designed the unit to meet all of your security needs. There are an interior alarm control keypad, exterior intrusion detection with twenty-four hour monitoring, and a siren that can be set to go off in the event of an intrusion. All three floors of this home security system are protected by a twenty-four hour monitoring, which means that you will always be protected in your home no matter what time it is.

Flooring. This home has hardwood flooring throughout with a layer of insulation between the floor and the exterior walls. There are no sub-floor panels to cut through and no valleys. The interior walls are simply constructed to accommodate the hardwood floors. Your guests will feel like they are in a mansion when they enter this beautiful residence.

Ceiling. Three stories high at the interior and tiled floors at the exterior to create the appearance of a great mansion. The Roman blinds that are included on the exterior doors provide the privacy that you want when you are inside the home. You can open them so that you can see out your window but seal them so little pets or people cannot get in. The heating and cooling system allows you to regulate the temperature of your home in the summer and winter so that you can stay comfortable.

34×34 ft house front elevation design image triple story plan


house plan details


Plot size =>  34*34 ft 1156  sq ft

Direction => North


Ground floor


1 bedroom => 16’2*10’0 ft

1 attach toilet => 4’0*10’0 ft

     1 drawing room => 20’0*10’0 ft

car parking  => 12’6*34 ft


First floor


2 bedroom => 12’2*10’8 ft, 10’10*14’9 ft

1 attach toilet => 4’6*10’0 ft

1 common toilet => 4’6*10’0 ft

1 Kitchen => 15’8*10’0 ft

back kitchen open area  => 4’5*10’5 ft

1 living hall => 16’11*12’0 ft

front corner 1 Balcony


Second floor


2 bedroom => 14’0*10’8 ft, 10’10*14’9 ft

1 attach toilet => 4’6*10’0 ft

2 common toilet => 4’6*10’0 ft , 6’0*5’0 ft

1 dressing => 4’6*5’0 ft

terrace garden => 10’5*7’10 ft

1 living hall => 16’11*12’0 ft

front corner 1 Balcony

Staircase => inside


34×34 ft house front elevation design image triple story plan

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