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Indian House Design – The Exquisite Side of a Typical Home

The latest Indian home design trends for the luxury villa and bungalow have gone beyond the traditional home floor plan of two-storey buildings. With increasing demands for more living space in the form of a separate second story, many designers have gone beyond the conventional constraints and introduced innovative and beautiful floor plans. In fact, a number of designers are using innovative Indian house floor plans such as the 3360ft Indian house design that uses the latest technology to achieve the ultimate result. Here are some of the features of this amazing scheme:

Extra Space: The designers have used the extra space to create an extra room in the bungalow. The extra room can be used for hosting functions or entertaining guests. Alternatively, it can be converted into a home office or study. The spacious double room will add value to your property as well as convenience to your life.

Extra Bedroom: The room provides ample space to add a further bed to the second story of the bungalow. With the help of this extra bedroom, you can even extend your home by using the newly renovated room as a guest room. If your family needs additional space, then this floor plan is the best one for you.

Huge Sun Rooms: Sun rooms are designed to enjoy the natural light of the sky throughout the day. You can even convert them into an office or study room if required. The large windows offer plenty of natural light and hence it is perfect for any kind of working. The sun rooms have their own separate wing that is completely glass. You can avail the additional space that is offered by this unique feature to add more rooms in your property.

Large Family Dining Area: The spacious dining area is the highlight of any bungalow. You can make your Indian house floor plan more interesting by incorporating a dinning room. You can enjoy the beauty of Indian food with ease when you are having your dinner with your friends and family in here.

Spa Suite: Your spas deserve to be adorned with the best furniture. You can get this furniture from the many Indian furniture showrooms available in the city. You can decorate your spas with attractive pieces of wicker furniture and wooden sculptures. This furniture will not only add glamour to your house but it will also be useful for you during the winters. You can use these items to keep your body warm and dry. The furniture pieces are easily available in the market at affordable rates.

Huge Patio: The patio is the perfect place for spending your free time. This is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature without having to go anywhere. When you have your family members over to your home, you do not have to worry about going somewhere else just to have dinner or have some drinks. You can just relax in your patio and enjoy the cool breeze of the sea.

Extra Room: You can make your home spacious by adding an extra room in your floor plan. You can opt for a home theatre system or a personal pool. This extra space will enable you to entertain your friends without having to move from your home. The possibilities are endless.

Entertainment Area: Entertainment area is a place where you can let out your creativity. It is a place where you can let your kids play or read. A home theatre system and a personal pool can enable you to have some good movies when you have a good group of friends over to your place.

Kitchen: Most of the people have kitchens in their house. However they often do not have a proper place to cook or serve food on. A kitchen should be spacious, so that you can cook healthy food and serve your guests with the best food. The kitchen floor plan of this Indian house design should be ideal as well.

Frontage: All your hard work will be for nothing if you do not have enough space to move around your house. This means that you should have enough frontage so that you can open up your home fully. It is very important that the frontage is enough so that you do not feel cramped at all. You can find lots of information about the floor plan of this Indian house design online.

33×60 ft indian house design front view double floor plan elevation




Plot size – 33.60 ft 1980 sq ft

Direction – south facing


Ground floor


1 master bedrooms 12.0*13.5 ft

and attach toilet 4.0*7.0 ft

3 common  bedrooms 15.0*11.0 ft,

11.0*12.0 ft, 11.0*14.0 ft

1 common toilet 4.0*7.0 ft

store room 7.0*7.0 ft

1 kitchen 11.0*9.0 ft

Staircase position inside

garden 8.0*11.0 ft


First floor


3 common  bedrooms 15.0*11.0 ft,

11.0*12.0 ft, 12.0*11.0 ft

1 drawing room 12.0*13.5 ft

1 common toilet 4.0*7.0 ft

1 living hall 12.0*13.5 ft

1 store room 7.0*7.0 ft

1 kitchen 11.0*9.0 ft

Staircase position inside


33×60 ft indian house design front view double floor plan elevation

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