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Why You Need To Consider All The Important Factors Before Buying A 30×60ft Indian House Front Elevation Design

The 30×60ft Indian house front elevation model is a newly introduced concept by the experts in the field of home building and home decoration. It is a unique model which was developed to meet the requirements of a very specific client in this field. It has a very modern look and is mainly suitable for people residing in the urban centers. Since the building is going to be located on the first floor, the buyers can enjoy a spacious feeling during their stay.

In this plan, there are three rooms namely the dinning room, the living room and the guestroom. The dinning room is located in the top of the building and hence it can be termed as a mini palace. This room comprises of a fully equipped kitchen, an entertainment center and a dining table. Other amenities which are present in this part of the house include a shower area, a toilet and an ironing board.

Due to its unique plan, this model is gaining immense popularity among the customers. It is available in different colors and is designed according to the specification of each and every customer. The customers can have a free hand in designing their own house. The entire concept of this plan is built on the principle of space utilization. The designers are allowed to exploit maximum space in the most suitable manner. Moreover, due to the presence of an abundance of windows, natural light is also provided to the rooms.

Since the plan is provided in different styles and designs, it becomes very easy for the customers to select the plan that suits their requirements best. There are various companies which are engaged in the supply of these models. Thus, you can easily get in touch with such a company and order the product that you require for your house.

The 3060ft Indian house front elevation design is provided by using steel and timber construction materials. Moreover, it uses modern technologies in the fabrication of the structure. In fact, the entire process is managed by using state of the art equipments. You can be sure that this plan will save your money and provides you with immense freedom in selecting the interior accessories of your home. This is the reason why more customers prefer to order this plan.

It is really important to choose the right plan for your house. This is the only way, you can ensure that the model will suit your home in the best possible manner. Therefore, it is extremely vital to consider many factors when purchasing this model. First of all, you need to decide the size of the plot of land where you will build this model. This is very important because if you buy this plan and find it too big for your house, you will have a problem in the future in making adjustments or re-building your house in this new location.

Also, you must check the drainage of your plot of land. A lot of houses do not follow the proper drainage system. If you are buying a 3060ft Indian house-front model, you need to check whether this plan follows the rainwater drainage system or not. Furthermore, you need to check whether this plan includes any kind of built in gardens or not. Most importantly, you must choose the plan, which will not cause your model to attract the attention of birds or wild animals.

As we know that the entrance of the house is the first point of view of the customer, you need to give maximum consideration in this area also. You will not want to buy a house front model, which does not provide you with a good entrance. In addition, the position of the doors and windows should be decided upon. There is no use in buying a plan, which has improper door and window positions. These factors are considered in the interior decoration of a house front model.

30×60 ft indian house front elevation design two floor plan


house plan details


Plot size =>  30*60 ft  1800 sq ft 

Direction =>  North


Ground floor


bedroom =>10’0*15’0 ft , 10’0*14’6 ft

2 attach toilet => 10’0*6’3 ft ,5’0*8’5 ft

1 Kitchen =>7’0*9’0 ft

1 lobby  =>17’9*12’0 ft

1 pooja room =>5’0*5’0 ft

car parking  =>18’0*9’9 ft

1 Drawing Room =>16’10*10’0 ft

1 Shop => 13’0*10 ft

1 Bathroom =>5’0*6’6 ft

W.C. => 3’6*5’0 ft

 Open =>6’0*8’0 ft


First Floor


3 Bedrooms => 10’0*14’0 ft  ,10’0*14’0 ft  ,9’9*12’0 ft

1 attach toilet =>8’6*5’0 ft

1 Bad room => 10’0*13’10 ft

1 toilet =>7’6*4’3 ft

2 lobby =>13’6*10’0 ft ,11’6*10’0 ft 

2 Kitchen => 9’0*7’0 ft  ,5’0*5’0 ft

W.C => 5’0*3’0 ft ,3’10*3’9 ft


30×60 ft indian house front elevation design two floor plan

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