30×46 Ft House Front Elevation Design For Double Floor Plan

The information on this site relates to home design ideas for double floor plans. You can get free advice and information, and there are many house plans, which have been drawn up by architects, who also have done interior details of how the house should look like. If you want to know more about these home design ideas for double floor plans you need to read this article. This article gives you important information regarding the importance of getting the right home floor plan, which will suit your needs and lifestyle. You need to make sure that the plan you choose is the right one for your home.

Modern house plans house front elevation designs, come with a lot of interesting details and features. When it comes to home design, you should take into consideration different factors including the amount of space that you can use for living, the kitchen or dining area, bedrooms, bathroom, etc. The different types of floor plans are as follows: The double storey elevations plan, which is considered to be the most popular type of design for homes today. The home design ideas for double storey elevations allow for the extra space and extra room that you need. The double storey design comes with two storeys which are actually on the same level, which means you have to go up one storey to access the bedroom area or the sitting room. The other type of home plans house front elevation design includes; the single story house plans, the detached buildings, the bungalow styles.

When it comes to getting the right home floor plan for your needs you need to take into consideration certain factors, which include; location of the house, the overall size of the house, your lifestyle and the needs that you have. You need to choose house plans that are good looking, yet have the space that you need. You also need to choose a house plan that fits well within your budget. In order to get the right house plan you need to look at the house plan with a plan in your hand, or else you will just take the plans yourself. Looking at the house map front elevation you will see that the proposed site of the house is on a lot of hills. To get the best possible home floor plan, you should consider getting a house plan that has the hill on the side which is higher.

Looking at the house front elevation design with the side that is higher on the hill then you will see that the lot would be able to provide you with the extra room that you require. The other advantage of choosing a high sided house plan is that this will provide you with a bigger storage space. Another thing you need to note is that if the side of the lot that has the higher elevation is on a hill then you will be able to choose a home floor plan that will help you increase the overall square footage of the property. This can also help you get a more lucrative selling price for your home. To get some more great ideas about how to design a good home floor plan then you should look at some of the home design ideas front elevation house map.

In case you are looking for contemporary house front elevation designs then you should go for a modern house plan. These modern house front elevation designs will give you the home floor plan that you desire. There are several things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for modern house front elevation designs; one of the things is the fact that you should go for a home design that is not cluttered.

Clutter is often considered as a negative aspect when it comes to a house front elevation design for double floor plan. The other thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that you should choose a home front elevation design that has an en-suite bathroom. It is imperative that you should select a house plan that has a large enough bathroom so that your kids can enjoy the privacy that they need. If you have enough space then you should use it to its full extent. If you do not have enough space then you should at least make sure that you have a small enough bath area.

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind when you are looking for home front elevation design for double floor plans is the fact that you should make use of the space in the best manner that you can. The double floor plan should provide you with ample space so that you can utilize the room in the best possible manner. You should also ensure that there is plenty of natural light in the entire area. This will allow you to reduce your electric bills in the long run.

Before you finalize the plan, you should also check out the local building codes that apply in the area where you want to build. Sometimes a particular design will not be allowed in the locality because it might look too small or too big. You need to make sure that you make use of the right local council rules and regulations when you are constructing the house. This is something that is absolutely necessary for proper construction.

30×46 ft house front elevation design for double floor plan


House plan  details


Plot size =>30’0*46’0 ft 1380 sq ft

Direction => North


Ground floor


1 master bedroom =>21’0*12’0 ft

1 attach toilet =>11’3*5’4 ft

2 terrace => 9’0*11’9 ft , 13’0*11’9 ft

Gym=> 11’0*13’2 ft

Family Lounge => 9’10*14’2 ft

1 General bed room => 15’0*15’0 ft

1 attach toilet => 11’3*3’5 ft


First floor


1 Master Bedroom => 13’4*12’5 ft

1 attach toilet => 8’7*4’10 ft

dressing => 4’0*5’0 ft

Kitchen=> 9’0*14’0 ft

Dining =>12’0*15’0 ft

Store =>6’7*4’0 ft

pooja => 5’0*6’0 ft

Drawing =>16’0 *19’3 ft

1 General room => 13’5*12’0 ft

1 attach toilet => 8’4*3’8 ft

Lobby => 4’8*3’6 ft


30×46 ft house front elevation design for double floor plan

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