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30×45ft House Front Elevation Design For Double Floor Plan – Important Factors To Consider Before Construction

What is meant by “30×45ft house front elevation design for double floor plan”? It is a term that will tell you the measurements of your house. You can get these measurements through some online website or from the real estate agents who have their offices in your area. It is good to know about your house front elevation before you are going to design it. This allows you to make necessary modifications and improvements.

You can find some sites where you can get the free 3045ft house front elevation plan for double floor plan. Some websites give the information free of cost, while some others ask you to pay for some services like the house elevations. It is not difficult to find the plans that you want. Just search on the internet. There are many sites that will give you the plans at an affordable price.

It is always better to hire a professional architect and building designer to design your house and get the best plan. Otherwise you will get some unexpected changes in your design. As the construction project is done, you will feel the changes in your house and you will regret having built such a wonderful house. So it is advisable to design your house ahead of time and get the right plan.

The main thing that you should keep in mind is the space. You should ensure that you have enough space for your furniture and other essential things in your house. The plan should be able to provide the measurements of the entire room and not just the elevations. If you are planning to have a party in your newly built house, then the plan should allow you to have enough space for your guests. There are many factors to be considered when drawing the plan like the amount of square feet occupied by each section and the type of materials that you want to use to build your house.

A house front elevation design for double floor plan can help you to get maximum utilization of the available space in your house. It is advisable to draw the plan on paper and have someone who is familiar with house elevations inspect your house and give you the final product. Draw the plan on a piece of paper and then bring it to the construction site so that you can make any necessary changes in the plan. Make sure you let the architect see the final plan before putting it into action.

The 30×45ft house front elevation design for double floor plan allows you to have the perfect flooring for your home. The best thing about this plan is that it helps you maximize the space in your home. It is important to know how much room you are going to need for living, sleeping and entertaining. This will determine the type of flooring you will need to install. There are several types of floors that can be installed based upon your requirements.


One important factor that you should consider when drawing the plan is the purpose of building your home. You should always keep in mind that the location of the house is of prime importance. This will help you to know the exact size of the building that you need to construct. A detailed survey of the area should be done before drawing any plans. This helps you plan the right type of flooring for your house.

Another important thing that one must consider before drawing a 3045ft house front elevation design for double floor plan is the space required for parking. It is not easy to find double garage space in the backyard of the house. You can opt for a single garage or use a simple shed with a small entrance. This will make the construction process easy. If you are constructing a new home, it would be better to check whether you require a single garage or not.

30×45 ft house front elevation design for double floor plan


house plan details 


Land area 30*45 ft 1350 sq ft

east facing


ground floor


Total 2 common bedrooms

1 Bedroom 10.6*13.9 ft and 2 bedrooms 10.3*13.6  ft

1 common lath bath 10.0*7.0 ft

 1 drawing room 17.3*11.10 ft

1 Kitchen 17.0*9.3 ft

Dining and living hall 17.6*11.6 ft

1 pooja room 5.6*4.6 ft

Staircase position outside

Parking space 10.36*17.10 ft

Ground floor and 1 floor are the same flat

30×45 ft house front elevation design for double floor plan

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