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A Beautiful Small House Design Picture

As you go through the house design and floor plan of this beautiful house, you will find that each room has its own character. The master bedroom is the main room of this house. It is very big with a bed in the center, a computer desk, a massage chair, and many more. It has a two-car garage attached to it. The home office area is also here.

Another important area of the house is the kitchen, which is decorated with a beautiful modern kitchen island with granite countertops. The rest of the kitchen is also done with high-end appliances. The dining room is decorated with an elegant table and chairs. Huge picture window opens up to the outside patio with beautiful flowers and plants. There is a guesthouse where you can enjoy breakfast. Other features are the media room, game room, pool and spa.

The house is built with lots of charm and style. It is built on a hillside and surrounded with tall trees. So naturally the house has a great view. To add more beauty to the house, I have designed the outdoor living space. There are an outdoor kitchen and dining room built on the side of the house.

The beautiful small house design picture Double Story Plan is made of oak flooring. There are two story roof constructions. It will provide the maximum storage space for the garden. So imagine how nice the garden will look. This plan also comes with beautiful oak double doors and kitchen cabinetry.

The beautiful plans come with the perfect dream home. This beautiful house is located on a quiet mountain side in a beautiful wooded region. The only thing needed to be done to make it the perfect vacation home is to add one or two extra rooms. One can have a guesthouse or a children’s play room in the newly added rooms.

The plans are very complete and are beautifully drawn. I worked hard to make the house as perfect as possible. I took many measurements so that the house would be accurate. The contractor hired to build the house has been very efficient and did not charge me a huge sum of money to finish the job.

If you are interested in a small house design then this is the perfect plan for you. A beautiful house with an easy construction. All your needs are met with this beautiful house plans.

My family live in a beautiful house. It is so great that we can even see the beach from our very own home. The beach is the outside of our house and it has a wonderful view. This is the type of house I am talking about.

We have an older house, which is falling down. I am going to save this beautiful house for my grand children. I do not know if I will be able to save it or not. But I do want to build a new small house that will be just as beautiful as the first house.

These plans are for a house I am designing for my friend. She lives out on a mountain and we would love to spend a lot of time outside in the garden. This beautiful garden will have a swimming pool and a relaxing area. This is a perfect plan for her.

I have saved this beautiful house design for a perfect summer. The summer house I am building will have two bedrooms and a large kitchen area. My friend has already seen the other side of this beautiful landscape. She is so happy she asked me to build her a new house.

30×41 ft beautiful small house design picture double story plan elevation

House plan details

Plot size =>  30’0*41’0 ft 1230 sq ft

Direction => North

Ground floor

1 master bedroom =>12’0*12’0 ft

1 attach toilet =>8’3*4’0 ft

1 Dining =>10’0*10’6 ft

1 Hall => 11’9*18’0 ft

1 Kitchen => 8’0*10’6 ft

1 parking => 10’3 *12’0 ft

1 pooja => 5’0*5’0 ft

Utility => 12’0*4’6 ft

First floor

2 Bedroom => 10’6*12’0 ft ,10’6*10’0 ft

2 Hall => 11’9*18’0 ft ,10’6*10’6 ft

1 Kitchen => 10’6 *9’6 ft

2 Attach toilet => 4’0*7’6 ft ‘7’6*4’0 ft

Balcony => 14’6*6’0 ft


30×41 ft beautiful small house design picture double story plan elevation


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