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A Few Facts About the 29×46 ft House Design Plan

The most important thing to consider in your home plans is the house design plan. The distance from the ground to the outer wall of the house is called the floor plan. Your interior design plans should be concerned with the placement of windows and doors and the position of each. A house plan with double story will include the living room on the first floor, and the master bedroom on the second floor.

You can make changes to your house design plan by adding a staircase, by changing the number of rooms or by rearranging the layout of your rooms. The house design plan should have the arrangement of the staircase in the interior courtyard of the house. The entrance to the courtyard, through which the people enter the house, should be at the front of the building. The entrance to the kitchen, family room and dining area can be placed next to the front door. The back door should not be seen.

The floor plan should not include the master story, but you can imagine that the master story is at the rear of the building. In this way you get two stories in one. You should leave a space between the first story and the second story. The doors for the first and second stories should be placed at the front and the back of the building.

You can include extra rooms in your floor plan by including a bedroom and bathroom in your double story. This should be done where there is more than one story of the house. A bedroom in the main part of the building should be planned according to your requirements.

The kitchen should be planned according to your requirements. The size of the kitchen is decided according to the amount of space available. The double story will also contain a lounge area. The lounge area can be used by the visitors when they visit your home. You need to plan the arrangement of furniture accordingly in the lounge area. A family room or a playroom can also be included in the house design plan.

You can add some small bedrooms in the first and the second story of the building if there is enough space. The bedroom on the first story can be converted into a guest room, while the guest room on the second story can be used as a sleep room. You can create an additional bedroom in the first story.

The house design plans have to include the details such as the driveway and the parking lot. You can even include the drive way in the rear of the building. The parking lot should be on the opposite side of the building.

You can also increase the space in the basement of the house. This can be done by adding a new basement bathroom. This is the best plan if you are planning to build a single story house. You can even add a lounge room above the kitchen, if there is enough space. This is one of the simplest yet elegant plans that are suitable for any type of house. You can build this house easily by using a house design plan.

The plans will allow you to choose between single and double floor plan. If you are planning to build a single story then you can choose from single story plan or double story plan. The main idea behind these is to make it look more spacious. They are more spacious than the traditional houses. They come with two or three stories and have a huge loft at the front.

There are different types of loft, such as attic, penthouse and studio. You can also build a home theater room in the house. It will add value to your property. The house design plans come with the list of materials and tools. All you have to do is to calculate the area of each material and buy them according to the floor plan.

You can make your house more beautiful by using the right floor plan. You can use the house floor plan to select the furniture, rugs, lighting, windows, paint color and theme. The right plan makes everything simple and easy to understand.

29×46 ft house design plan double story elevation


house plan details


Plot size =>  29*46 ft  1334 sq ft 

Direction => North


Ground floor


3  bedroom =>13’5*10’2 ft, 11’0*11’10 ft , 16’10*10’5 ft

1 common bath =>5’5*6’2 ft,

1 common toilet => 5’3*6’10 ft

1 living room =>14’0*15’0 ft

1 Kitchen =>15’1*4’8 ft

1 store => 4’0*6’5 ft

1 pooja room =>6’0*5’0 ft

car parking  =>16’0*8’0 ft

 staircase outside


 first floor


2 bedroom =>11’0*16’0 ft

1 attach toilet bath =>6’0*5’0 ft

1 common toilet bath=> 6’0*5’0 ft

1 living room =>14’1*15’4 ft

open terrace


29×46 ft house design plan double story elevation

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