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House Designs In India: A Perfect Combination Of Class And Modernity

So you want to know more about a 28×45ft Simple House Design in India, the ultimate eco-friendly and sustainable home plans. It is a dream home located on a high plateau in the desert state of Rajasthan. The house was designed by renowned architect Bala Kirdi and has now been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This house is a perfect example of sustainable building and has been built with precision and durability. Here are some of the reasons that this unique house is on a peak of the popularity in the Indian market:

The construction of this eco-friendly and sustainable home was started in 2021 with the concept of building a simple home from the ground up. The architects initially thought of building two stories and built the first level to withstand the extreme heat of the desert sun. They then added the second floor and completed the project in less than two months. After completion the architects were asked to submit the house plan for approval and within a very short time the project was approved and standing at the edge of completion.

The home is set amidst lush green surroundings and encompasses an amazing landscape that is filled with wildlife. To keep the environmental aspect in mind, the architects incorporated the concept of sustainable building where the double story was placed at the bottom of the main building and yet the upper story of the house sits on the land. The single story is supported by four steel pillars which support the entire roof.

This plan of building a simple home from the ground up has many benefits. For one the entire construction of the house requires less land than what is required for a normal four-storey home. This is perfect for those who live in a small space and still want to create a perfect abode.

Further the main entrance of the home is through the garage, which is built into the hillside. The other two stories of the home are beautifully done with perfect wallpapered walls. The water tanks have been strategically placed to save water and energy as well. The terrace has been given a beautiful view of the greenery that surrounds the home making it a perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

Further the rooftop of the house has a large window and is lined with furniture. This has been strategically placed to allow natural light into the rooms, while the residents enjoy their privacy. The rooftop also has the perfect location to set up a water tank. This saves a lot of money that would otherwise have been spent on electricity or water.

The kitchen of this house has a modern and simple layout. It is placed against the back wall where the large window can be opened to enjoy the natural light. The space in this room is perfect for placing a microwave and a refrigerator. A separate sitting/dining area is also available in this house design. There are multiple drawers in this room that allow you to store all your kitchen utensils and appliances.

The master bedroom is a perfect place for storing clothes and keeping them handy when you are ready to use them. The spacious living room which is done in wood has two TV stands along with a couch that can be easily pushed back when not in use. All these features and many more make the house designs in India which is a modern and simple house an ideal living and working place.

2House plan  details

Plot size => 28’0*45’0 ft  1260 sq ft

Direction =>  North


1Ground floor

2 Master bedroom =>13’12*13’45 , 9’90*13’22 ft

1 Kitchen =>8’0*11’64 ft

1 Guest room =>11’36*13.22 ft

1 Bedroom =>13’12*13’45 ft

Lobby => 15’74*16’33 ft

2 Attach toilet =>5’9*5’5 ft , 5’9*5’5 ft

Staircase => Out side


ground and first floor are the same flat

28×45 ft simple house design in india double floor plan elevation

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