Choosing an Indian House Front Elevation Design

When you take a look at the 26×38 ft Indian House Front Elevation Design you might find the house appealing from every aspect. The entire design is designed to give you as much natural light as possible and to keep your home feeling like you are on vacation every day of the year. No matter what season it is your home will be looking great from the moment you open the door.

This beautiful plan was created by New York City based architect Frank Lloyd Wright and has been featured in numerous national magazines including Dwell, Fine Home Magazine. This floor plan was designed to use the full potential of the space that you have. There are multiple levels with a spiral staircase, two grand terraces, three fireplaces, a sitting area, and an incredible amount of living space. The kitchen, dining and living areas are all connected to each other via a winding staircase.

Your new luxury Indian House Front Elevation Design will rise seven stories off the ground giving you all the room you need. The architecture has been designed to maximize all the daylight that you get throughout the day. You will have views to the pool and the river that will blow you away. When you want to sit out here on the deck, you will feel like you are at home.

If you love to cook you will love this floor plan. The kitchen is on the top level and there is a large dining area below it. The back and side porches are wonderful for holding gatherings and entertaining. There is an outdoor kitchen that is open air and has a grill that will cook food for you. If you love to entertain this is the way to do it. The floor plans for this home are simply incredible.

The next Indian house front elevation design that you are going to love is the master suite. This design is four rooms in total. There are a sitting room, an elegant living room, a family room, and a children’s room all on the same level of the house.

One thing that you want to consider when choosing your Indian house front elevation design is the master suite. You want to make sure that you choose a design that flows with the rest of the house. You do not want to have a room that looks like it was put together yesterday. You want the room to flow with the other rooms so that everything ties together beautifully. If you add splashes of color then you will want to choose a design with colors that tie the room together.

When it comes to the floors that are being chosen, make sure that they are stain resistant. This is very important because you do not want your carpets or rugs to be destroyed by water damage. The flooring is going to be on the lowest levels of the house and you can choose from several different floor plans including square, rectangular, and round. You want to make sure that the floors are level so that your guests can comfortably walk around.

After you have chosen your design, you need to find a builder in India that will build your Indian house front elevation design according to your design and your budget. Remember that this is a major project for you so you want to make sure that you get a good deal. Look for a builder in India that has experience and is a member of an organization like the Association of Builders of India. A professional builder will be able to handle any problems that you may encounter along the way.

26×38 ft indian house front elevation design two floor plan


house design details 


and area 26*38 sq ft 988 sq ft

west facing


Ground floor 


total of 2 shops 13.0*30.0 ft

1 common toilet 6.0*4.0 ft

Staircase position outside


1 floor


Total 2 bedrooms 1 master bedroom

1 normal room

1 master Bedroom 11*11.6 ft

with attach toilet 4.0*7.6 ft

 1 normal bedroom 10*11.6 ft

1 Kitchen 11.0*8.0 ft and dining 9.0*6.6 ft

1 living hall 19.6*15.0 ft

1 pooja room 4.0*5.0 ft

Staircase position outside


26×38 ft indian house front elevation design two floor plan

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