West Facing House Plan – A Unique Home Plan With Unparalleled Exterior Features

The 25×25 house plan is one of the many home designs from the respected American architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Thomas Jefferson. With its simple, yet elegant lines, it is considered to be an icon of Classicism. In a nutshell, the house is oriented east-west with an attached deck on the west side of the house. The unique design is made possible by the use of cantilevered roofs and four-story windows, which are coupled with staircases. This unique plan actually makes the building a rare item in urban planning as most homes are oriented north-south.

Most home owners find this house plan to be very easy to build. It has a modern look and is very efficient with its overall structure. As mentioned, it is the perfect home for urban dwellers because it is very unique and does not follow any typical architectural styles. The uniqueness of the house comes from the cantilevered rooftop that allows the residents of the house to enjoy the outdoors and even have the sun and view to share. In fact, many consider this to be the perfect home for urban living.

What makes this house plan so unique is the way the house is oriented. Unlike other houses, it faces west with a detached deck and covered porch that is covered by four large skylights. Each of these skylights is given special light settings and even have their own unique lights. The arrangement of the house allows natural light to flood the rooms making for a comfortable environment. The unique aspect of this house plan also contains a beautiful balcony that overlooks Westheimer Way.

Other than the unusual architectural features, the house is also built with sustainable materials. The facade is made from a mix of clay tiles and concrete blocks. Materials such as UPVC are used extensively in this contemporary design and save considerable energy costs. The windows are also built with double glazing systems making the home much cooler in the summer months. In addition to being eco-friendly, these building methods are simple yet highly effective in keeping the exterior looking appealing and beautiful.

If you are looking for a distinctive home that will offer you the chance to admire the surrounding scenery, then the house plan designed by Deck architects is perfect for you. This modern home was inspired by some of the most exquisite masterpieces of architecture from around the world. It features vaulted ceilings and expansive views of the landscape beyond. The overall effect is one of opulence and luxury, while providing all the necessary amenities for comfortable living.

The house plan West Frigatebird is the only one of its kind on the planet. The unique roofline also sets it apart from other houses. It is also built with a unique roof design that extends out over the rear of the home. This unique roof gives the house its distinctive character as well as adding to its

sustainability. The roof can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing rain water to drain away during the winter months.

The entire home is constructed with a steel frame which provides the structure an additional degree of durability. There are also doors and windows that are double-glazed to contribute to excellent insulation. The flooring system uses a rubber underlay which also prevents noise and water damage. The kitchen and bathrooms each have their own unique design, with the kitchen featuring contemporary stainless steel appliances, while the bathroom features ceramic tile flooring with a hand-rubbed finish.

The 25×25 house plan was designed by Deck architects in Toronto. They guarantee that the structure will last for 25 years and even longer if it is maintained properly. The unique floor plan and interior designs make this house plan one of a kind, making it the perfect home for anyone who wants to live life to the fullest.

25×25 house plan west facing




Plot size – 25.25 ft 625 sq ft

Direction – west facing


Ground floor


2 common bedrooms

1 common toilet

1 living hall

1 kitchen

Staircase outside


25×25 house plan west facing

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