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Design of Simple House Plans – Build Your House in a New Economy

Most homebuyers are more concerned about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a home rather than the layout of their home on a plot of land. But for those who are planning to build a simple home, one of the main issues they will face is the cost of constructing a home that has three stories. It can be very expensive to build a home with three stories. The good news for those in this situation is that there are some simple house plans that can be used to solve this problem.

There are many options when it comes to designing your home on a plot of land. You can either build your house on a sloping site or build your house on an incline. The advantage of building on an incline is that your home will be much larger than a building on a flat site. If you are going to build a house on an incline, then there are plans for you. These simple plans have been designed to make building a house with three stories easier and less expensive.

These designs will require you to build on one level. If you are going to build a home with three stories, the interior part of your home will not be higher than the exterior part. The three stories of your home can be built in sections. The exterior and the interior portions of your home can be constructed separately. Only the top floor of your home will be on the ground.

This type of design has been done to reduce the cost of construction. Building on one or two levels will require additional framing which will be more expensive. And it will also take more time to erect the building. Therefore this plan is cheaper than having three levels in your home.

The other advantage that this design has been that it creates space efficiencies within the home. You will be able to utilize the space that you allotted for living area and dining area. You will be able to make use of the unused space for storage or for offices. Thus you will be able to maximize your house’s overall efficiency.

This home plan will allow you to have a spacious living room that is equipped with the modern gadgets that most people are using. It is designed in such a way that the master bedroom will face the kitchen, and the rest of the bedrooms will face the stairs and the garden. Thus this type of design will allow you to maximize your home’s space.

These plans are easy to construct and do not require a lot of permits for you to build. Since it is a simple home, all you need is a contractor who has a license to build a home of this type. Once the contractor has been hired then he will take care of building the three stories of your home.


You can also have the triple story plan for your home if you are a homeowner that does not own any other land. All you need to do is purchase a piece of property that is large enough to accommodate your house. You will have to build the house from the ground up. If you prefer to use the materials that you can buy from a hardware store then you should also be ready for the minor cost of construction labor. You will have to put in a lot of time and effort into making sure that your house will be just perfect in every detail. However, if you like this plan for your simple house plan then you can go ahead with your plans without any hesitation or doubts.

23×40 ft design of simple house triple story plan elevation


house plan details 


Plot size =>  23*40 ft  920 sq ft

Direction =>  east


Ground floor

                           bedroom  => 14’0*11’0 ft ,14’0*13’0 ft ,10’0*11’0                         

1 attach toilet =>4’0*7’10 ft

   1 toilet =>4’0* 11’0 ft

  1 Lift => 4’2*7.5 ft

    parking =>23’0*15’0 ft


first floor


1 bedroom =>  12’0*10’0 ft

1 toilet => 6’0*4’0 ft

1 Walk in Wardrobe => 8’0*4’0 ft

1 Kitchen =>10’0*10’0 ft

 1 Dining => 11’0*10’0 ft

1 living area  =>12’0*10’0 ft

1 pooja room =>6’0*4’0 ft

wash  =>8’0*3’0 ft

balcony => 4’0*5’0 ft


Second Floor


                2 Bad room =>12’0*11’0 ft  , 13’0*14’0 ft

          2 toilet => 6’0*6’0 ft ,8’0*5’0 ft

     1 Study => 9’0*8’0 ft

   2 Walk in wardrobe => 8’0*4’0 ft ,8’0*5’0 ft

   balcony => 8’0*3’0 ft

 lift => 4’0*4’0 ft


23×40 ft design of simple house triple story plan elevation

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