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Advantages of the 20×55ft Indian House Front Elevation Design Double Story Plan

Have you been considering of constructing an Indian bungalow or condominium with a two storey extension and design? Well, it is indeed a great option to take into account if you have enough funds for it. There are numerous such bungalow or condo designs available in the market which you can choose from. Hence, you just need to keep your budget in mind while going through the various options available in the market.

The developers who provide such Indian bungalow or condo plans give utmost importance to durability, strength and endurance. Hence, this is the reason why these houses are designed with heavy frames and huge wall panels as well as steel deck support. You can make use of this type of structure for residential as well as commercial purposes. You can either purchase plots of land for this purpose or get in touch with a developer who would build a single storey extension onto the existing property.

This type of Indian bungalow or condominium is designed in such a way that it enhances the look of your property and serves the dual purpose of providing you with a safe dwelling as well as a holiday retreat. These house plans come with many exciting features. The best thing is that they are easy to maintain. They do not allow much disturbance in the landscape. They are simple and hassle free.

You need to hire an expert architect and financer to help you in this decision making process. These professionals would help you in the process of conceptualizing, designing and executing the plan with maximum accuracy. The architect is the one responsible for providing the architectural vision of the project. It is his responsibility to understand the entire concept and then work on it in detail. Only experienced architects like  readyhousedesign.com

These modern Indian house plans are meant for those who own small or medium sized properties. You can find any type of house for sale anywhere in India. Some of these properties would be available on lease but mostly people are purchasing them. If you are interested in buying your own property then it would be better to go for something more expensive.

This house has an attractive design with large windows. Due to this feature, more natural light would enter your property. Natural light is beneficial in the sense that it does not cost you any electricity bills. Apart, from being advantageous in terms of cost, natural light also provides a soothing and beautiful ambience inside the property.

The location of this property is very convenient because it is near the railway station and commercial centers. If you have a car then you do not need to go very far. You can easily get to your workplace. The roads are also in good condition. So you will not face any major problem when you drive to your workplace.

This house is made up of different types of materials like wood, steel, glass, etc. All these materials are strong and durable. Due to this reason, you can depend on these house plans for many years to come. Also, due to its great resistance to weather conditions, you can always trust this design. As you can see, this type of design is designed in such a way that it would last for a long period of time.

The construction work takes only a few months to complete. In fact, you can start enjoying your house right after it is built. When you are finished with it then you can move out. You can also invite your friends and relatives for a celebration. With all these, you can be sure that you can have a perfect holiday every year.

This property is also near plenty of schools and universities. This will make it very easy for you to raise your children. Also, there are some lovely golf courses nearby which you can play a lot of golf. Whenever you are done playing at the golf course, you can take a nice relaxing bath. The property also has a spa tub, which is very famous in India.

Before purchasing this plan, you must do the proper research about this property. You should check whether there are any previous cases regarding this plan. This will help you decide the reliability of the company. You should also check whether they offer a money back guarantee. Many people have benefited from this plan and have bought a new home. Hence, you can purchase this property and get ready for hassle-free life.

20×55 ft indian house front elevation design double story plan


House plan  details


Plot size =>  20*55 ft  1100 sq ft

Direction =>  east



Ground floor

Hall=> 18*47

first floor

2 bedroom =>  11’6*15’0 ft ,11’9 *10.4

1 toilet => 7’0*6’0 ft

1 W.C => 3’9*4’6 ft

1 Kitchen =>7’0*11’7 ft

1 Lobby => 15’0*11’7 ft

1 Dress  =>5’6*7’6 ft

1 Bath =>3’9 *5’0 ft


20×55 ft indian house front elevation design double story plan

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