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The 20×50 Ft House Design Plan Is Perfect For Anyone Who Has The Room

There is a beautiful house design plan that I am going to share with you called the 20×50 Ft. House Design Plan. It was created by a Dutch landscape architect readyhousedesign.com . Before you start your search for a home, the first thing you want to do is get a hold of your measurements. There are plenty of websites on the Internet that can help you get started with this.

The house layout has an exterior balcony and an interior balcony that connect to the lower floor. The attic is not finished yet, but you will notice it when it is. You have two stories that make up the house and the attic only serves as a storage area. The first story is the living room and the second story is the bedrooms. There is a lower level that connects to the first and second floors.

When it comes to this house plan, every room and every space are detailed in great detail. Every wall, every door and every window is fully drawn. When it comes to the exterior of the home, the exterior balcony is detailed including all of the trellises and balustrades. Every flower and plant in bloom are listed. If it’s climate is mild, then it will be described as a balustrade.

If it’s climate is extreme and there is a lot of rain, then you will need to describe the rain gutters and down spouts. The designer also included the plants that are going to be placed on the patio and throughout the yard. If you are going to design the house so that you have a beautiful view, then the landscaping needs to be detailed as well.

This house design plan was designed for people that are extremely busy and do not have a lot of time to garden or put any effort into their yard. It is simple and easy to use. It is a breeze to set up and it will take very little maintenance once it is up and running. The house is very unique because it does not follow any other trends. The house simply takes a modern edge and combines it with traditional details to create a beautiful abode.

With this house plan, the architect left a lot of open space. He created this beautiful landscape because he wanted the two stories to flow smoothly. When you walk through the house, you will find that it flows and that there is not any jarring moment. Everything just flows together perfectly.

You can build a house that has one story or two stories. In this house design, the first story is known as the parched earth front porch. This porch can even have two stories in some cases. This house design has an elegant entrance that faces the beautiful garden and backyard.

This house is sure to please anyone who loves the modern and beautiful architecture. Anyone who wants to get into a place that allows you to relax and enjoy nature will love this wonderful abode. Anyone who loves to tell stories will love it. You can find the right house for you and your family at this website.

This is a house that can make anyone happy. Anyone who loves the beautiful architecture will like this place. This house has two stories that are spectacular and they are just beautiful too. The design is perfect for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. It also has a large fenced in back yard that is very easy to maintain. When you take a little stroll around your beautiful abode, you will enjoy the scenery and the story that you will learn about this amazing house.

A trip to the Internet is sure to reveal many places where you can find homes like this. If you want to be able to see a real life preview of this house, you can check out this website today. When you take a look at the house design plan, you will see how it can fit into the surrounding area and how it fits into the landscape. When you use this site to your advantage, you will be able to choose the house that you want and then build it right on site.

This is a house that can hold a lot of potential when it is used in the right way. You need to know what it can do and what it cannot before you invest your money into this amazing abode. Take a look at this site today for more information. Once you do, you will be able to make the best possible decision regarding this investment. It is sure to be something worth while.

20×50 ft house design plan double story elevation


House plan  details


Plot size =>  20*50 ft  1000 sq ft

Direction => South


Ground floor


2 Bed room => 10’9*11’4 ft ,10’2*10’2 ft

2 toilet => 4’0*7’0 ft,4’0*7’0 ft

1 Dress => 5’0*4’0 ft

1 Dinning   => 12’0 *8’0 ft

1 Kitchen =>10’2*8’1 ft

1 Drawing =>8’0*14’0 ft

1 Parking=> 10’2*14’0 ft


First floor


3 Bedroom => 10’9*14’4 ft , 10’2*10’2 ft , 8’0*14’0 ft

2 toilet => 4’0*7’0 ft,4’0*7’0 ft

1 Dress => 4’5*4’0 ft

Drawing => 10’2*8’1 ft

Kitchen => 8’0*12’0 ft

Terrace=> 10’2*14’0 ft


20×50 ft house design plan double story elevation

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